Art Gallery of Alberta

Refinery Factory Party

Refinery + Warhol = FACTORY PARTY!

Saturday, June 4
9 pm – 2 am

Advance tickets available for AGA Members only starting May 2.

Superstars Wanted!

Congratulations to Steve Gin on winning the Superstars Wanted contest! He’s won four free tickets plus limo ride to the Refinery: Factory Party!
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DJ Blue Jay has been a staple DJ in Edmonton’s Alternative and Indie rock scene for over 13 years. His ability to keep the dance floor shaking all night long kick started the now legendary Saturday Sucks at New City which was a huge success for over 12 years. With DJ partner Travy D., DJ Blue has brought Mod Culture to  our city with Mod Club  Edmonton, keeping the dance alive with Classic and Northern soul, British Invasion, 60’s hits, New Wave, Brit Pop and Indie rock for over 7 years.

Artist projects and activities

Zachary Ayotte

12 am onward

Zachary Ayotte has created four video portraits on Super 8 film of four Superstars of his choosing. Polaroids of the films will become stencils for SNAP’s silkscreen project, and the films will be screened in Manning Hall at the stroke of midnight.

Ayotte’s recent exhibitions include Not Another Fucking Landscape (Latitude 53, Edmonton), At the Same Time (Islington Mill, Manchester and the ARTery, Edmonton) and This Is How We Made Love (Contact Toronto Photography Festival, Toronto).

His website is


9 pm–1 am
2nd Floor

Andy Warhol was drawn to the silkscreen printing process, in part, because it hid the hand of the artist. For this project, the artist-run centre SNAP is taking over the 2nd floor landing of the Gallery to create a silkscreen factory. Stencils will be based on Ayotte’s four film portraits. Get into line and manufacture your own.

The Society of Northern Alberta Print-artists (SNAP) is a not-for-profit, artist-run centre incorporated under the Societies Act of Alberta. Since its inception in 1982, SNAP has grown to become one of Canada’s premier centres for research and innovation in printmaking as well as providing a unique forum for discussion and examination of critical and theoretical issues related to printmaking and image culture.

SNAP is dedicated to the promotion of both traditional and experimental printmaking practices including prints, artists’ books, posters and print-based installation as well as new, experimental and hybrid forms. For more information, go to

Ode to Screen Tests

10 pm–1 am
4th Floor

Some of Warhol’s earliest films were called Screen Tests, in which Warhol asked guests at his studio (famous or not) to pose for him. Warhol developed a standard process for his almost 500 different Screen Tests. Subjects stood motionless in front of the camera, creating a sort of “living portrait” that was then projected in slow motion. In Ode to Screen Tests the AGA’s Lindsey Bond will create an inventory of Refinery guests following Warhol’s own formula. Films will later be screened on the AGA’s YouTube page.

Lindsey Bond lives and works in Edmonton, AB. As photo-media artist, Lindsey enjoys experimenting with the moving image, wrestling with experience of place, and collecting vintage suitcases.  Lindsey was awarded a multimedia project grant by the Alberta Foundation of the Arts to travel across the country via rail, and recently exhibited her latest body of work Negotiating Spaces: Visual Recollections of Train Travel in Canada at Harcourt House Artist Run Centre in March 2011. Currently she is compiling a photographic book surrounding contemporary train culture in Canada that will be complete in 2012. Learn more about Lindsey’s practice as an artist at

See the Ode to Screen Tests results HERE!

Time Capsule Project

10 pm–1 am
3rd Floor

After moving his studio in the 1970s, Andy Warhol realized that cardboard boxes were an effective way for handling his “stuff.” Warhol kept a box by his desk and would put various items in until it filled up: letters, newspapers, gifts, snapshots and the list goes on. He then put a date and/or a title on the box, which was then stored in his archive. At the time of Warhol’s death, 612 Time Capsules were discovered amongst his belongings. Until then, their existence was almost completely unknown.  Sarah Patterson will lead an interactive project that will re-interpret Warhol’s approach to the time capsule, and once complete, we will install it in our Collection Service Facility until August 6, 2028- the centennial of Warhol’s birthday.

Sarah Patterson is an Edmonton-based artist who works almost exclusively in the lo-tech mediums of sidewalk chalk, balloons, confetti, and records. Tune in to CJSR on Monday nights from 11-midnight to hear her radio show or check out her blog at if you are really curious.

Wesley Robert

10 pm – 1 am

Warhol was obsessed with documenting every aspect of his life and was always seen carrying a camera. Street photographer Wesley Robert will be snapping and passing out Refinery portraits throughout the night.

Wesley Robert has been involved in the Edmonton photography scene since 2005 and has run the Nowhere Fast Collective and Zine since 2008. The sixth issue of the Zine is currently in progress. For more information on the Nowhere Fast Collective check out

Food and drink

The night includes snacks by Zinc Catering, along with cash bars.

Refinery Signature Cocktails by Proof Brands
Andy Warhol Factory Parties were notoriously hip, so sip on a Warhol themed cocktail at Refinery.  Try one or try them all…they’re delicious!

  • Eight Elvises
  • 15 Minutes of Fame
  • Factory Girl