Art Gallery of Alberta

Yoga in the Gallery


Yoga in the Gallery with instructor Tori Lunden

Tuesdays, January 17 – March 7, 5:30 – 6:30pm

$80 Full Session  SOLD OUT!
$12 Single session SOLD OUT!

Enjoy yoga within the calming and ethereal spaces of your AGA. Join us over an eight-week class session in different exhibition spaces of the Gallery and grab a glimpse of the works on display. Class themes will draw on the surrounding artwork for a unique blend of movement and visual inspiration.

Classes are suitable for all levels. Beginners welcome.

Yoga in the Gallery is now sold out!

January 17: David Altmejd: The Vessel
Our inner wave: find powerful potential within the seemingly simple act of exhaling.

January 24: The Edge: The Abstract and the Avant-Garde in Canada
To be avant-garde is to be both innovative and courageous; cultivate both in a practice that dares us to be different.

January 31: Season to Season, Coast to Coast: A Celebration of the Canadian Landscape
Learn to navigate the asymmetrical landscape of the body and discover balance as nature intended.

February 7: Season to Season, Coast to Coast: A Celebration of the Canadian Landscape
Nature and nurture work together in a gentle practice to benefit the nervous system.

February 14: Behind-the-scenes location
When our eyes are closed, what is there to see? An introspective yin class.

February 21: Survival Guide
Part One: Seeing what we have learned. Exploring how our surroundings literally shape us.

February 28: Survival Guide
Part Two: Remembering what we know. Tapping into and trusting our body’s inherent knowledge.

March 7: Clocks for Seeing: Photography, Time and Motion
Inspired by Muybridge’s famous photograph, this class will include a breakdown of the movements and muscles that when combined form our gait pattern.


Tori Lunden‘s classes are a light-hearted and eclectic experience, and she delights in teaching people who, like her, never thought yoga was something they could do or enjoy. Yoga in the Gallery classes are always a fun environment where participants are encouraged to explore and express. Lunden’s emphasis on positive body awareness and respect for individual needs allows everyone to move in a way that feels safe, accessible, and beneficial. Visit her website

Image credit: Amy Campbell