Art Gallery of Alberta

Yoga in the Gallery


Yoga in the Gallery

Enjoy yoga within the calming and ethereal spaces of your AGA. Join us over an eight-week class session in different exhibition spaces of the Gallery and grab a glimpse of the works on display. Class themes will draw on the surrounding artwork for a unique blend of movement and visual inspiration.

Classes are suitable for all levels. Beginners welcome.

Yoga in the Gallery will return in Fall 2017.


Tori Lunden‘s classes are a light-hearted and eclectic experience, and she delights in teaching people who, like her, never thought yoga was something they could do or enjoy. Yoga in the Gallery classes are always a fun environment where participants are encouraged to explore and express. Lunden’s emphasis on positive body awareness and respect for individual needs allows everyone to move in a way that feels safe, accessible, and beneficial. Visit her website

Image credit: Amy Campbell

Kyla Fischer began practicing yoga in 1998 and discovered that along with building a healthier body, yoga was bringing a distinct calmness into a normally chaotic mind.  She also discovered that yoga and life should not be taken too seriously but with ease and laughter.  In her classes you can expect a focus on body awareness along with encouragement to experience yoga on a deeper level with the mind and breath.  Kyla strives to create an accepting atmosphere where students of all levels can replenish and challenge themselves.



Sandy Brown loves yoga and art.  Although they may seem separate, she believes wholeheartedly they are the same.  Whether we create with body, hands, mouth or mind, self-expression is essential to thriving.  Brown’s teaching style is synonymous with her approach to life; open-heart, smile on face, endless search for interconnection between; this and that, philosophy and reality, art and life.  She believes that yoga is for everyone – not just the über-flexi-young-fancy-pants-wearing crowd. But let’s be honest, when we step onto that mat we are all lithe-dancer-babe types. If not of body, then (this is what we strive to achieve) of mind! IF yoga were a practice of achievement!