Art Gallery of Alberta

Family Activities

Family activities at the AGA provide opportunities for families to connect to exhibitions through exploratory programs focused on play, hands-on art-making and exciting in-gallery experiences.

Tours for Tots

Tours for Tots

Drop-in Wednesday mornings for these family fun adventures with art! Visits include Gallery explorations, art-making, story-telling, and more! Each Art Adventure has a different theme related to current exhibitions and promotes early childhood learning skills such as literacy, numeracy, community awareness and creative expression.

For families and kids aged 3-5
Wednesdays, 10-11 am
Free with Gallery admission

Please note that the Tours for Tots program is designed for children aged 3-5 accompanied by an adult. Day care and other community groups can book a School Program here.

January 7

Painting with Light

Take inspiration from the work of Colin Smith in Obscure Inversions and discover how the artist uses light and shadow to create a work of art. Then combine your drawing skills with light and mixed media for a magical projection!

January 14

Bend Like a Line

Explore current exhibitions, looking for a variety of lines. Use your body to wiggle and bend into the lines that you find. Using scissors and paper as your tools create your own line-inspired masterpiece through a series of cuts and folds.

January 21

Painted Photo

In our first visit to View from a Window, look at the extraordinary photos by Edward Burtynsky, Robin Collyer, Eamon MacMahon and Laura St. Pierre. Imagine how they were taken, moving and thinking like a photographer. In studio, play with and manipulate photographic images to create an artwork of your own.

January 28

Structures at the AGA

What is a structure and how does it stand? Think like an architect and builder studying balance and strength. Discover structures at the AGA, and then create of your own!

February 4

Contemporary Creations

What is contemporary art? Explore our current exhibitions and discover new artistic possibilities! Gather ideas to help you answer this question! Use your new knowledge to create your very own contemporary work of art.

February 11

Love Story

Through history, art has been used to express some of the greatest love stories of all time. Explore the media artists have used to share love with the world, and create a love story of your own.

February 18

View from a Window

Look out the window, what do you see? Look out the window, what could you see? Look out the window, what would you like to see? Change your perspective and position to experience the world from a bird’s eye, an ant’s eye, or an artist’s point of view. Then create a window view of your own.

February 25

Clay Play

Discover how artists build, bend and manipulate materials into 3D works of art. Become a human sculpture and stretch to the sky, and then stand on one leg as if delicately built. Later in studio, explore ways to manipulate clay to mold your own sculpture.

March 4

Art of Alberta

What does art from Alberta look like? Explore the new work in Future Station: 2015 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art to see what local artists are up to. Be inspired to move and play in Gallery before creating your own Alberta-inspired masterpiece.

March 11

Something Old, Something New

Observe in Gallery how artists transform found materials into works of art. Imagine the possibilities of a bottle, door knob or broken toy! Combine these unusual art materials to give them new lives and watch the transformation before your eyes.

March 18

A Drawing Experiment!

What is a drawing? What can a drawing be? Be inspired by current exhibitions and artists that challenge accepted ideas of drawing. Explore the endless possibilities of drawing through a variety of simple experiments.

March 25

Painting Party!

See, smell and taste colour! Use all of your senses to dance like red or feel like blue. Colours inspire great artists; now let them inspire you!

BMO All Day Sundays

BMO All Day Sundays

Art activities for all ages
Activities | 12-4 pm

Free with Gallery Admission

BMO All Day Sundays at your AGA feature an afternoon packed full of engaging art-making and exploration! With exciting programs and projects that tie into our current exhibitions, guests of all ages are encouraged to join in and have fun!

New! During All Day Sundays your AGA’s Terrace Café is offering a special lunch deal. Buy any sandwich and turn it into a combo with a drink and chips or a cookie for only $1 more!

January 25 | Imagining the Future

What does the future look like? Imagine the possibilities through the exhibition Future Station: 2015 Alberta Biennial featuring work by 42 contemporary artists from Alberta. Work with variety of mixed media and found objects to create a series of futuristic art works. January’s All Day Sunday also features a talk with Alberta Biennial curator Kristy Trinier, two short films and a performance by Scott Rogers.

February 15 | Time Savers

Are you always rushed? Do you have a bad reputation for not getting to places on time? Get inspired by Christian Marclay’s The Clock, and up your organizing prowess as the AGA gets practical with the day-to-day realities of time. Work with video, sequencing and pattern, and then make a calendar with local artist and designer Vikki Wiercinski.

March 22 | Pop Art Factory

“Pop” into our new exhibition POP SHOW! and discover the art of the everyday. Take inspiration from artists that pioneered the pop art movement and create Warhol-esque stencil-art, construct pop art plasticine sculptures a là Oldenburg, and craft dot paintings inspired by Lichtenstein.

April 12 | Experimental Drawing

Discover the genius of drawing through novel mark-making techniques and participate in a series of drawing experiments. Play with traditional sketching materials in innovative ways to create a series of unexpected artworks.

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Birthday Parties

AGA Birthday Parties

The Art Gallery of Alberta offers birthday parties for children aged four years and up. Party bookings are available on weekends and include a Gallery exploration, exciting studio project and time for birthday fun in the Singhmar Centre for Art Education!

Program Cost

$160 / $144 AGA Members (plus GST)
Program cost includes a group of up to 15 children and 4 supervising adults
$9/person thereafter

This 2 hour program includes:

  • A Gallery Educator to lead your program
  • A 20-30 Minutes Gallery tour of exhibitions connected to your studio project
  • A studio art project to take home (see below for project options)
  • Time for birthday festivities (Gifts, snacks, cake, etc…)
  • Full use of a studio space for 2 hours
  • Access to a fridge and limited storage space

The AGA does not provide catering services but parties are welcome to bring their own refreshments. Up to 4 supervising adults are free with your program cost (but expected to supervise!)

Is 2 hours just not enough time? The studio space can be rented for an additional $60/hour. Your Gallery Educator will remain with your group to assist you for this time.

Still have questions? Download our Birthday Party FAQ here: Birthday Party FAQ (PDF)

Project Options

Choose from one of the options below for your Birthday Party program.

1. Colour Party!

Ages 4+

Play with painting and music in this project! Explore the Gallery to find out how artists use colour to create moods, and then experiment with colour mixing to create your own abstract painting while listening to different moods in music. Together, all the paintings will create a colourful mural!

2. Play on Architecture

Ages 4+

Explore the architecture of the AGA from the inside out with storytelling, Gallery activities and building exercises! In the studio, create a 3-D architectural sculpture from wood blocks, and then paint your creation.

3. Print and Play

Ages 6+

Experiment with print making in this creative project! A short, interactive Gallery tour will investigate how stories are told through art. We will then create our own prints inspired by AGA exhibitions using various techniques!

4. My Place

Ages 6+

Explore our own place in the world through storytelling, Gallery explorations and a mixed-media sculpture project! Investigate the basic elements of landscape art, and visit Gallery spaces to discover how artists tell stories about ‘places’ in their artwork! In the studio, work with a variety of materials to build a relief sculpture based on a place that is important to you.

Program Booking

To book a birthday party, please fill out the online booking form. Any cancellations or changes to your booking(s) must be made within one week of your party booking. Failure to do so will result in a $35 cancellation fee.

New! Printable invites from your AGA: Download invites (PDF)