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Member Opening Receptions FAQs

Member Opening Receptions FAQs

Commonly asked questions regarding your AGA’s opening receptions.


1. Do I need a ticket to attend Opening Receptions?
No. Our Opening Receptions are ticketless events. All we ask is that you bring your Member card and present it at the doors upon your arrival.

2. If I am a Member on a dual occupancy Membership do we both have to bring our Member cards?
Yes. You each must bring your own Member card and present them at the door upon arrival.
Dual Occupancy Memberships: Family, Couple, Senior Couple, Ultra Couple, Curator’s Circle.

3. Can I bring a guest?
Yes! Members are invited to bring one guest with them to Opening Receptions.

4. How many guests can I bring to Opening Receptions?
One guest per cardholder is permitted. Dual occupancy Members are permitted to bring multiple guests as long as both cardholders attend the Opening Reception.

5. What is the dress code?
Semi-formal/Casual- recommendation. We encourage you to attend Opening Receptions in what feels most comfortable! Prepare to be standing with the possibility of walking stairs- elevators are available.

6. Will there be food?
Yes! Light finger foods are both stationed and served throughout the event.
Past foods served: Boccioni squires, lamb chops, meats and cheeses, mini quiches, etc.

7. Will there be drinks?
Full bar service is available. Non-alcoholic drinks (water, juice, pop) are complimentary. Regular standard charges apply for alcoholic drinks.