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AGA’s late-night art party returns with a ball of monstrous proportions!

Edmonton, AB (October 2/12) – The Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA) brings you an evening where the strange meets the beautiful at The Monstrous Baroque Refinery, Saturday, November 17, 2012 from 9 pm to 2 am.

Supernatural creatures mingle with 17th century-inspired opulence for this Refinery under the creative direction of Kristen Hutchinson and Jennifer Forsyth, founding members of fast & dirty Artist and Curatorial Collective.

“Adopting our curatorial approach for fast & dirty onto Refinery, we will be working with dancers, musicians and installation and performance artists to create an evening of beautiful horror,” say creative directors Kristen Hutchinson and Jennifer Forsyth. “Inspired by the notion of the sublime, The Monstrous Baroque Refinery responds to the AGA exhibitions Misled by Nature: Contemporary Art and the Baroque and Beautiful Monsters: Beasts and Fantastic Creatures in Early European Prints. The artists in Refinery revamp several elements of 17th century Baroque art: the ornate, the theatrical, the decadent, the decorative and the enticing. The evening highlights the monstrous as frightening and whimsical, human and other worldly, grandiose and horrific. Refinery participants will experience a late-night art party where the opulent is rendered strange and the peculiar becomes extraordinary,” they add.

Experience installation and performance art, make masquerade/monster masks and prints, enjoy a Baroque period game and much, much more. Featured Refinery artists include: Julianna Barabas, Courtney Chetwynd, Jennifer Mesch, Sergio Serrano and Ryan Wolters. Guests will also have access to all three floors of exhibitions.

Refinery guests are encouraged to come dressed to impress in Opulent Baroque attire. Think Lady Gaga meets Prince, with ornate gowns, lace galore and waistcoats and breeches from an indulgent era. For more Opulent Baroque inspiration visit

The Monstrous Baroque Refinery Late-Night Art Party

Saturday, November 17, 9 pm – 2 am
$35/$30 AGA Members

Advance tickets for AGA members available October 16
Remaining tickets available October 30

For media information or to coordinate interviews please contact:
Kimberly Van Nieuvenhuyse, Communications Specialist
T: 780.392.2468  E:

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