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Travelling Exhibition Program (TREX)

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Experience art in your community. Look for these exciting AGA-produced Travelling Exhibitions, generously funded by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA), which travel north central Alberta in 2016.

Three regional galleries and one arts organization coordinate the program for the AFA:

New TREX Exhibitions for 2015/2016 from the AGA

Dreaming with my Great Mother….
Generously funded by Syncrude Canada Ltd., this AGA- produced exhibition begins travelling in January and features the work of three First Nations artists who draw wisdom and knowledge from Great Mother Earth to explore personal narratives.

Featuring works from the collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, this AGA-produced exhibition examines the narrative possibilities of artworks.

The Printmakers; The Lebret Residential Petroglyphs: Tanya Harnett and Winter on the Wapiti: Robert Guest
These exhibitions were organized by the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie and travel north central Alberta from March to August.

Home, Where the North Is
This Alberta Foundation for the Arts collection based exhibition was developed by the Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre in Medicine Hat and will travel north central Alberta from March to August.

For information about the TREX Program or booking please contact Shane Golby at 780-428-3830 or

TREX Booking Catalogue

Please click here for the 2015-2016 booking catalogue.

TREX Exhibition Schedule

November 2015-February 2016 (PDF 195 KB)

Schedules are updated every three months.

Current TREX interpretive guides

Echo Chamber – Education Kit (PDF 13.1 MB)
Eye and the City – Education Kit (PDF 20 MB)
The Grand Tour – Education Kit (PDF 14 MB)
Imprints – Education Kit (PDF 23.8 MB)
Pathmakers – Education Kit (PDF 6.8 MB)
Out to Alberta – Education Kit (PDF 16 MB)
…rattled to the bone – Education Kit (PDF 16.1 MB)
Storytellers – Education Kit (PDF 6.2 MB)
Wayfinders – Education Kit (PDF 16.5 MB)
Dreaming with my Great Mother

Current TREX Exhibition Brochures

Echo Chamber (PDF 13.1 MB)
Eye and the City (PDF 2 MB)
The Grand Tour (PDF 3 MB)
Imprints (PDF 622 KB)
Pathmakers (PDF)
Out to Alberta (PDF 1.3 MB)
…rattled to the bone (PDF 1.3 MB)
Storytellers (PDF)
Wayfinders (PDF)
Dreaming with my Great Mother


View the AFA’s TREX Map, showing exhibition locations throughout Alberta.