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Travelling Exhibition Program (TREX)


The Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) has supported a provincial travelling exhibition program since 1981.The mandate of the AFA Travelling Exhibition Program is to provide every Albertan with the opportunity to enjoy visual art exhibitions in their community.

Three regional galleries and one arts organization coordinate the program for the AFA:

New TREX Exhibitions for 2015/2016 from the AGA

  • …rattled to the bone This exhibition, which begins travelling in September, 2015, features the work of five contemporary Alberta artists who, through visual art and exposition, ponder the nature of beauty in the 21st century.
  • Echo Chamber This exhibition, which begins travelling in September, 2015, features the work of three contemporary Alberta artists investigating memory and personal narrative and engages viewers in the creation of new perceptions of reality and experience.
  • Imprints Featuring works drawn from the collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts this exhibition, which begins travelling in August, 2015, examines the history of printmaking in Alberta and recognizes individuals who, through their artistic efforts and administrative/educational roles, are responsible for the stature of print media on the provincial, national and international art stages.

The AGA TREX exhibition Wayfinders, sponsored by Syncrude Canada Ltd., begins travelling Region 2 in January of 2015. This exhibition, curated by First Nations artist and educator Aaron Pacquette, presents the work of contemporary aritsts who reflect upon traditional First Nations knowledge and imagery to inform their examinations of contemporary matters.

TREX Booking Catalogue

Please click here for the 2015-2016 booking catalogue.
For more information or for booking, contact Shane Golby, Travelling Exhibitions Manager/Curator at 780.428.3830, ext. 2

TREX Exhibition Schedule

August to November 2015 (PDF 195 KB)

Schedules are updated every three months.

Current TREX interpretive guides

A Room With a View – Education Kit (PDF 4.2 MB)
Black Gold – Education Kit (PDF 6.8 MB)
Echo Chamber – Education Kit (PDF 13.1 MB)
Eye and the City – Education Kit (PDF 20 MB)
The Grand Tour – Education Kit (PDF 14 MB)
Imprints – Education Kit (PDF 23.8 MB)
La Vie Fantastique – Education Kit (PDF 18 MB)
Lynn Malin – Education Kit (PDF 6.4 MB)
Pathmakers – Education Kit (PDF 6.8 MB)
Out to Alberta – Education Kit (PDF 16 MB)
…rattled to the bone – Education Kit (PDF 16.1 MB)
Storytellers – Education Kit (PDF 6.2 MB)
Urban Animals – Education Kit (PDF 23.8 MB)
Wayfinders – Education Kit (PDF 16.5 MB)

Current TREX Exhibition Brochures

A Room with a View (PDF)
Black Gold (PDF 1.3 MB)
Echo Chamber (PDF 13.1 MB)
Eye and the City (PDF 2 MB)
The Grand Tour (PDF 3 MB)
Imprints (PDF 622 KB)
La Vie Fantastique (PDF)
Pathmakers (PDF)
Out of Bounds (PDF 4 MB)
Out to Alberta (PDF 1.3 MB)
…rattled to the bone (PDF 1.3 MB)
Storytellers (PDF)
Urban Animals (PDF)
Wayfinders (PDF)


View the AFA’s TREX Map, showing exhibition locations throughout Alberta.