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Travelling Exhibition Program (TREX)

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Experience art in your community. Look for these exciting AGA-produced Travelling Exhibitions, generously funded by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA), which travel north central Alberta in 2016.

Three regional galleries and one arts organization coordinate the program for the AFA:

The Art Gallery of Alberta is pleased to present these new TREX Exhibitions for 2016/2017. For more information on these and other TREX exhibitions please refer to the TREX exhibition schedule.

The Ties that Bind This exhibition, which begins travelling in September, 2016, features the work of four contemporary Alberta artists who, through needle and thread, explore our ties to the past, present and future and to the ‘family’ of man.

Art and Design in the 21st Century Featuring the art and design work of three contemporary Edmonton artists, this exhibition investigates the links and differences between art and design.

Cattle Call Featuring works drawn from the collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts this exhibition, which begins travelling in September, 2016, examines the important economic and cultural roles cattle have played in Alberta’s history.

The AGA TREX exhibition Breaking Barriers – The Artist Inside, developed in partnership with the Alberta Department of Justice and sponsored by Syncrude Canada Ltd., begins travelling TREX Region 2 in December of 2016. This exhibition explores the personal journeys of First Nations artists currently involved with provincial correctional services.

For information about the TREX program please contact Shane Golby at 780-428-3830 ext. 2 or

TREX Booking Catalogue

Our 2016 Booking Catalogue is now available!

TREX Exhibition Schedule

January to May 2017(PDF 2 MB)

Schedules are updated every three months.

Current TREX interpretive guides

Echo Chamber – Education Kit (PDF 13.1 MB)
Imprints – Education Kit (PDF 23.8 MB)
Out to Alberta – Education Kit (PDF 16 MB)
…rattled to the bone – Education Kit (PDF 16.1 MB)
Wayfinders – Education Kit (PDF 16.6 MB)
Dreaming with my Great Mother(PDF 6.3 MB)
Art and Design in the 21st Century (PDF 22 MB)
Cattle Call Education Guide (PDF 18 MB)
The Ties that Bind (PDF 9.1 MB)
Breaking Barriers – The Artist Inside (PDF) (PDF 6.1 MB)

Current TREX Exhibition Brochures

Echo Chamber (PDF)
Imprints (PDF)
Out to Alberta (PDF)
…rattled to the bone (PDF)
Wayfinders (PDF)
Dreaming with My Great Mother (PDF)
Art and Design (PDF)
Cattle Call (PDF)
The Ties that Bind (PDF)
Breaking Barriers – The Artist Inside (PDF)