Art Gallery of Alberta

Touch Lab: Leave your mark!
July 24, 2016-April 9, 2017

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Don’t touch the artwork!

How many times have you heard that at a museum or art gallery? Why is touching artwork not allowed? What other factors might affect the lifecycle of an artwork? Join us in a tactile investigation of these art conservation questions.

Touch Lab, a collaborative project by the AGA and artist/designer Anna-Karolina Szul, investigates how human-made and natural elements cause wear and tear on works of art over time. The exhibition explores how art is impacted by contact: from the simple act of touching, to the resulting challenges for conservators trying to preserve the work. Visitors will reflect on how and why it matters that we work together, minimize damage and conserve artwork for future generations. Families are invited to seek out solutions through the changes occurring daily in the Gallery, hands-on explorations, experiments and art take-a-ways.

The BMO World of Creativity is an interactive, hands-on space where children and their grown-ups can explore their creativity. BMO World of Creativity exhibitions and themes change from year-to-year.