Art Gallery of Alberta

RBC Work Room: Zachary Ayotte + Nulle Part—Shelter
July 1, 2017-October 8, 2017

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RBC Work Room is a new initiative that supports the development of collaborative, contemporary art projects. In this studio-like working space, local artists conceive and produce artworks onsite, resulting in a fully realized exhibition.

The first of these has artists Zachary Ayotte and Nulle Part working in residence for six weeks. Their exhibition, Shelter, features sound, installation and photography, and explores the boundaries between public and private, light and dark, seen and unseen.

Curator’s statement

RBC Work Room is a studio-like working space that supports the development of collaborative contemporary art projects. Local artists conceive and produce their artworks in this public gallery space, ultimately realizing a finished exhibition. This project format encourages and supports creative experimentation while providing artists from the region with much-needed studio and presentation space. RBC Work Room exposes the creative practices of artists to the public, allowing gallery visitors to see the progressive development of the exhibition from beginning to end.

The first RBC Work Room project of 2017 has artists Zachary Ayotte and Nulle Part working in residence for a creative development period of six weeks, producing a final work in the space that will remain on view for the duration of the exhibition. Their project is entitled Shelter.

Working with sound, installation and photography, Shelter is an exhibition that plays with the boundaries between public and private, light and dark, seen and unseen. By blurring the lines between these divisions the artists seek to create a space that questions what is protected (and for whom) and what purpose these divisions serve in the modern world.

Artist Bios

Zachary Ayotte uses photography to explore relationships between the internal and the external as they relate to ideas of gender and masculinity in Western society. Through a language of light and surface, he explores relationships between environment and identity and how those relationships make marks on bodies, objects and places. He uses intimate perspectives of bodies in space to explore manifestations of power, violence, distance, sexuality and desire. His images capture moments that consider the roots of behavior and action, drawing attention to the little moments that create the flashes that becomes the ideas we come to embody.

Ayotte has exhibited work locally and internationally, most recently contributing work to Do It Yourself: Collectivity and Collaboration in Edmonton at the Enterprise Square Gallery. He lives and works in Edmonton, AB.

Nulle Part is an Edmonton electronic production duo that makes hazy melancholic music inspired by the concepts of place, longing and loss. To achieve their rich, layered sound, the duo utilizes an arsenal of analogue synthesizers and drum machines, detuned cut-up vocals, and clouded pianos. Their music is then further washed by their shared love of vintage tape delay and reverb units.

Nulle Part has participated in a wide range of interdisciplinary art, dance and film projects, recently scoring the Citie Ballet’s production of “Ghosts” for their “Reflections” series, exhibiting as part of the Art Gallery of Alberta’s “SONAR” sound art exhibition, soundscaping the Edmonton Arts Council’s “Ramble in the Bramble” art installation, and composing a 30 minute piece for Yukichi Hattori’s “Solo?” ballet production at Calgary’s Fluid Festival, among others.


Organized by the Art Gallery of Alberta. Presented with the support of the RBC Emerging Artists Project. Special Thanks to Audio Sponsor Long & McQuade, “where the music begins.”

RBC Work Room is an extension of the RBC New Works Gallery, which features new artworks by Alberta artists. This project series continues the Art Gallery of Alberta’s commitment to supporting the work of Alberta artists.