Art Gallery of Alberta

IMPRINT: Contemporary Art from the AGA Collection
October 13, 2012-January 6, 2013

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Lyndal Osborne, Winged Lady, 1988. Ink lithograph paper. Art Gallery of Alberta Collection

Karen Dugas, Exploding, 1989. Ink etching paper. Art Gallery of Alberta Collection

Featured Artists: Sean Caulfield; Walter Jule; Steven Dixon; Lyndal Osborne; Karen Dugas; Marc Siegner; Liz Ingram; Richard Yates

Since the 1970s, Edmonton has seen the growth of vital artistic activities centered on the art of printmaking. IMPRINT features 8 local artists whose work reveals an attention to different printmaking techniques, as well as an interrelationship of subject matter. Organic forms abound in their works, as do references to the body and its interior—both physical and psychic. When built spaces are evoked, they are frequently bare, stark and industrial. Mechanical and biomorphic systems are also suggested, but they are at once natural and fantastic.

This exhibition includes an additional installation of prints created through the Society of Northern Alberta Print-artists (SNAP) Newsletter print program. This artist-run centre opened in 1982 and became a hub for Edmonton’s printmakers.

IMPRINT: Contemporary Art from the AGA Collection is the third in a series of exhibitions in 2012 that celebrates the diversity of the local art scene.

Your AGA talks with Edmonton artist Lyndal Osborne as she installs “Spinners”. Lyndal is one of eight artists featured in the AGA exhibition IMPRINT: Contemporary Art from the AGA Collection, showcasing artists in Edmonton’s printmaking community. See this exhibition on now from October 13, 2012 to January 6, 2013.

Supported by Artist Patrons Al and Fran Olson