Art Gallery of Alberta

Future Station: 2015 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art
January 24-May 3, 2015

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Future Station: 2015 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art is an examination of the creative practices at work with Alberta artists and ultimately an expression on what it feels like to be an artist in Alberta. The title is derived from an abandoned transit platform located under the civic centre of the province’s capital, Edmonton. Future Station is in reality both a physical and allegorical place of transition and stasis: part urban mythology and part monument to the banality of dormant infrastructure. It serves as a metaphor for the status of contemporary visual culture in Alberta – it exists and functions as a potent vacancy awaiting due recognition.

Several themes unite an approach to contemporary art practices in Alberta: psychology, natural forces, detritus and austerity. Psychology was a dominant topic aligning the work of numerous current explorations in both creative methodology and the effect on a viewer: ranging from depictions of anxiety to futility, heartbreak and devotion to an other.

Natural forces, represented as an omniscient and omnipotent generator of new work, reference several of the dramatic natural events that occurred across the province’s terrains over the last few years: floods, wildfires and drought. Even the predictability of extreme cold and darkness has an impact on the production cycles of artists, developing a pattern of creative output and collaboration induced by retreated positions.

Detritus is a theme related to the influences of post-recession art indicative of surviving within a creative climate of wealth and boomtown economic disparity. With a focus on entropic decay and its symbolism, artists are making do with little and finding much in the remains of what is left behind.

Austerity as an aesthetic, in and of itself, emerges as a clear and dramatic reference to the beauty and devastation of the post-industrial landscape and a self-depreciating social habitat for artists. This manifests as a unique visual vocabulary employed in both material choices, brute presentation and applied delivery of artistic experience.

Future Station: 2015 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art is curated by Kristy Trinier and organized by the Art Gallery of Alberta.


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The artists include:

Arbour Lake Sghool, Calgary
Ashleigh Bartlett, Calgary
Kyle Beal, Calgary
Brittney Bear Hat, Calgary
Devon Beggs, Edmonton
Nika Blasser, Edmonton
Christian Bök, Calgary
Steven Cottingham, Calgary
Hannah Doerksen, Calgary
Joseph Doherty, Edmonton
Brenda Draney, Edmonton
Gordon Ferguson, Calgary
Jason Frizzell, Red Deer
Sarah Fuller, Banff
Jude Griebel, Sundre
Aryen Hoekstra, Edmonton
Dara Humniski, Edmonton
Mary Kavanagh, Lethbridge
Kristen Keegan, Edmonton
Robin Lambert, High Prairie
Mathieu Lefèvre, Edmonton
Tyler Los-Jones, Calgary
Amy Malbeuf, Rich Lake
Travis McEwen, Edmonton
Brendan McGillicuddy, Calgary
Jay Mosher, Calgary
Yvonne Mullock, Calgary
Wil Murray, Calgary
Brad Necyk, St. Albert
Ali Nickerson, Edmonton
Erik Osberg, Edmonton
Josée Aubin Ouellette, Edmonton
Giulliano Palladino, Edmonton
Evan Prosofsky, Edmonton
Scott Rogers, Calgary
Erin Schwab, Fort McMurray
Sergio Serrano, Edmonton
Leslie Sharpe, Edmonton
Jill Stanton, Edmonton
Alma Louise Visscher, Edmonton
Adam Waldron-Blain, Edmonton
Nicole Kelly Westman, Red Deer