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David Janzen: Transfer Station
March 9, 2013-June 16, 2013

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David Janzen, Fridge Garden,2011. Oil on Canvas 72″ x 48″. Courtesy of the Artist.

David Janzen, Exshaw Lumber Pile, 2011. Oil on Canvas 48″ x 72″. Courtesy of the Artist.

In 2010, David Janzen ventured out on a series of trips to landfills across Alberta. He took photographs, made sketches, and returned home to his studio to create a new series of paintings. The resulting work featured piles of neatly sorted debris in front of often sublime vistas of the surrounding landscape.

This series by Janzen followed from earlier work where the artist focused on infrastructure seen up against the sky: security cameras, flood lights etc. Other works represent man-made disasters: the nose of a crashed plane, an impossibly tall dam about to crack. For Janzen, respect for innovation, development and progress is intertwined with dread. A sense of dystopia is combined with a sense that, in Janzen’s words, “things on this Earth are unfolding as they should.” This new series of paintings approaches the subject matter of waste management with curiosity and, ultimately, calmness as detritus is juxtaposed with the terrain that it may, eventually, overtake.

The RBC New Works Gallery features new artworks by Alberta artists. Initiated in 1998 and named the RBC New Works Gallery in 2008, this gallery space continues the Art Gallery of Alberta’s tradition of supporting Alberta artists.

Media Partner

 Artist Patrons Barry Zalmanowitz and June Ross.

View David Janzen’s interview with Alberta Primetime (March 26, 2013)

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