Art Gallery of Alberta

June 20, 2014-August 17, 2014

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Alma Louise Visscher, The Complexity, 2013. Nylon fabric, plastic sheeting, plastic tubing, natural cotton, dimensions variable. Photo courtesy of Alma Louise Visscher.

Inspired by ephemeral structures that evoke the sublime, Edmonton artist Alma Louise Visscher constructs, by hand, elaborate textile installations that reference synthetic cloud forms, Gothic architecture and natural structures. She explores the surfaces mediated between the body and soft architectures through her artistic practice, primarily focused on installation and public performances. During these performances, she asserts her body in relation to the built forms she has created—questioning gender roles in the traditional construction of wearable versus built environments and the rituals of how the body responds to soft and permanent shelters and natural elements.

In this exhibition in the RBC New Works Gallery, Visscher will create an immersive installation that continues her exploration of isolation within the contemporary landscape focusing on the themes of the body, transformation and surface.

The RBC New Works Gallery features new artworks by Alberta artists. Initiated in 1998 and named the RBC New Works Gallery in 2008, this gallery space continues the Art Gallery of Alberta’s tradition of supporting Alberta artists.

Artist Patrons Barry Zalmanowitz and June Ross.


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