Art Gallery of Alberta

Gallery Attendant

Gallery Attendants staff exhibition spaces in order to ensure the safety of art works and to communicate and engage with the public about the work on display. Gallery Attendants report to the Security Manager. Performance will be based, in part, on feedback from the Interpretive Programs Coordinator.


Working within a collegial frame of reference in an empowerment-based model, Gallery Attendants are responsible for:

  • Developing and maintaining effective working relationships with Gallery staff, Board members, committees, volunteers, program participants and the general public.
  • Maintaining professional museum standards and ethics by working within the Ethical Guidelines outlined by the Canadian Museums Association


Security Related:

  • Monitoring the exhibition space for the purposes of art protection
  • Communicating with the public concerning minor infractions, but forwarding more serious issues to the nearest security guard/site supervisor

Interpretive Related:

Keeping in mind the art protection responsibilities above, the Gallery Attendant will be responsible for communicating and engaging with the public about the exhibitions and art on display. Their interpretive responsibilities will also include:

  • Participating in evening exhibition training workshops
  • Completing exhibition readings and exercises as assigned
  • Answering the public’s questions about the works on display
  • Engaging the public in conversation about exhibitions and the key messages put forward by the exhibition
  • Monitoring and assisting in-gallery activities as required
  • Maintaining all in-gallery interpretive materials
  • Completing assessments/surveys of visitor behaviour in the exhibition space


  • 2-3 years of post-secondary education in fine arts, art history or related subject matter
  • Comfortable in a public speaking role, personable
  • Basic physical fitness; this position may require that one stand or sit for a period of four hours
  • The ability to work under general direction and in a team environment.


Send your application to by October 31, 2014. No phone calls please. Only those considered for an interview will be contacted.