Art Gallery of Alberta

Meet our Educators

Adriana Onita


One of our Bilingual educators by day and poet by night, Adriana holds a Master of Arts in Spanish and Latin American Studies and an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Romance Languages. Adriana also owns a language education company based in Edmonton called For the Love of Language and is the Founding Editor of The Polyglot, a magazine featuring Canadian multilingual poetry and art. She has been passionately teaching and developing art and language programs in Canada and abroad for the last seven years, including the French and Spanish programs at the Art Gallery of Alberta. She has worked at the AGA for the last six years, and enjoys having art adventures with students of all ages, from kindergarten to University! Seeing the growth that emerges in her students when they work with art is her favourite part of the job.

Patrick Arès-Pilon


Patrick Arès-Pilon is one of the AGA’s bilingual educators, and has been part of our education team since January of 2015. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from the Campus St-Jean of the University of Alberta. Patrick is an artist who practices in numerous mediums, including stereoscopy, scenography, photography, projections, conservation, performance and installation art. He has had his work showcased all over the world, having performed or had his work exhibited in Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Montréal, New York and Estonia. Patrick enjoys the dynamism, energy, and variety of the AGA education team. Most of all, Patrick always looks forward to sharing his appreciation for art with students and loves hearing all of the weird particularities they have to share.

Sophie Gareau-Brennan


Sophie has a BA Honors in Drama, having wanted to study art & performance in a way that would bring together all aspects of art (historical, theoretical and practical.) Outside of the AGA Sophie works with Orange Girls, a devised theatre company, which brings together her passion for an experimental and intelligent questioning. Sophie wants to help create a supportive and open environment for students to create art. Having worked with the AGA for nearly a year, Sophie loves being able to share and facilitate new experiences in which people are allowed and encouraged to discover. For her, the AGA is a place learn new things every single day whether it be from other members of the education team or from the students themselves.

Terrena Boss

Terrena has a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and her Fine Art diploma from Grant MacEwan, and has been working with the AGA as an art educator since the fall of 2015. She finds it inspiring to work in a place that is constantly immersed in creativity. Inside the AGA, she teaches with the strong belief of embracing curiousity and taking chances. She believes that is important for students to not be afraid of what they don’t know. For Terrena, introducing young people to the many things art offers is incredibly important, and seeing the artwork that emerges from her time in the studio with students is not only rewarding, but one of her favourite parts about the AGA.

Emma Wales


Emma has been a bilingual educator at the AGA since January of 2015. She believes there is nothing you can’t learn through art, and infuses the creative process with moments of pride, self-confidence, and self-discovery for each of her students. Emma is the odd out historian of our art educators; she holds a BA with combined honours in English and Art History from the University of Alberta. Working at the AGA continues to inspire Emma, who considers her position at the gallery to always be one of learning as well as teaching.


Roger Garcia

Roger is a self taught freelance illustrator who has been working in acrylics, ink and digital media professionally for over 10 years. His illustrations have been published in children’s books, ads, newspapers and educational material. Roger’s passion extends into the other parts of the gallery as well, acting as both an educator and helping to assist with art rentals. He has been an educator at the AGA for over a year educating youth and adults. As an educator, Roger feels passionate about working with youth because of their passion for life and laughter.


Hilary Mussell

Hilary Mussell is a visual artist and educator living in Edmonton, and has been with the Art Gallery of Alberta since the fall of 2015. She has a Fine Arts degree from the University of Alberta with a focus on sculpture and painting, and is currently completing an Elementary Education degree as well. Hilary greatly enjoys planning and carrying out classes, and is always amazed by the imagination of her students. She takes an open-ended and discovery-based approach to art education, preferring her students to have the chance to play, make mistakes and grow in a less structured fashion. And while her main areas of study were sculpture and painting, she approaches all media with an open mind, and tries to create a safe and supportive environment for her students. 


Patrick Higgins


Patrick has been with the AGA since 2013, and as a figurative realist painter and portraitist, brings his own expertise to the table. Patrick’s work has been placed in the Alberta Foundation for the Arts permanent collection as and many private collections. He has been included in the TREX, AGA/AFA touring exhibition program and celebrated his third solo exhibition late 2014. Patrick’s passion for art extends into his teaching at the AGA, and he believes in maintaining a light classroom environment that leaves room for inspiration and innovation in the moment. He believes that students should be treated as equals, and it is their engagement and enthusiasm that makes working at the AGA worthwhile.


Andrea Motz (ON MAT LEAVE)

Andrea Motz has worked for the AGA since September of 2014. She graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Education in 2012 majoring in Art. Since graduating she has organized and taught private art camps during the summer. In her spare time Andrea enjoys acrylic painting, charcoal drawings, and photography. Andrea feels the programs offered at the Art Gallery of Alberta are perfect for equipping students to understand and appreciate the art presented while experimenting with multiple art mediums.