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AGA Youth programs offer exciting opportunities for youth to experiment with art and ideas in the studio and in the Gallery. Led by local artists in the Singhmar Centre for Art Education and designed especially for teens aged 13-17, AGA Youth Programs give teens the space to explore their own style while learning about art fundamentals and contemporary art-making techniques.

Studio Y Drop In

Studio Y Drop-In

Thursdays, 3:30-5:30 pm

Studio Y is a space where youth can explore art-making, self expression and meet other teen artists. Taught by experienced artist-instructors, Studio Y Workshops are designed for youth aged 13-17 and aim to offer young artists opportunities to explore their own artistic style while learning about contemporary art-making techniques. Studio Y workshops introduce projects and ideas that give the space for youth to discover their creative voice, develop their range of technical skills, and explore materials in a supportive, challenging and fun environment.

November 20

Thread: Embroidery
Is the needle mightier than the brush? Inspired by artist Amy Malbeuf, join us in Gallery to play with text and image before creating a work of art using embroidery practices.

November 27

Film: Mobile Story
Work to develop narrative using storyboards, flip video camera and props. Use editing strategies to keep your videos under 30 seconds.

December 4

Snap: Photography
The world is a big place, but do you know what happens in the smallest nooks and crannies of the art gallery? It’s up to you to collect photographs of characters that live in the studios and the gallery.

December 11

Capture: Camera Obscura
Using paper and light discover the early beginnings of image capture and the precursor to photography.

December 18

Open Studio
Is there a project you wanted to tackle, or some projects you wish to complete? Our doors are open for things you wanna do!


January 8

Alter: Image Transfer

Investigate how images are created and assembled in current photography exhibitions. Working with gel medium and packing tape, learn all about image transfers and creative photo-manipulation in this mixed media studio session.

January 15

Construct: Book Binding

Discover why the sketchbook is an important tool for artists and designers, then explore the history of bookbinding and its evolution. Learn the basics of book binding to construct your own sketchbook using binding techniques and recycled paper.

January 22

Splatter: Acrylic Experiments

Explore themes and gather ideas in current exhibitions before heading to the studio for a lesson on acrylic painting techniques. Use what you have learned to develop an image on canvas in an ongoing painting experiment.

January 29

Document: Video Art

Explore contemporary video installations in Future Station: 2015 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art before working with image and text to create a short video diary reflecting on your own experience as an artist in Alberta.

February 5

DIY: Open Studio 2D

Have a project idea? Want to finish what you started? Open Studio is for you! In this special edition Studio Y, you choose your own project and theme.

February 12

Print: Monoprints

Explore the use of monoprints and how this method differs from other printmaking. This painterly method has a wide range of techniques to experiment with. Try these techniques out with different media such as ink and acrylic paint to create unique prints.

February 19

Cut: Large Scale Collage

Explore artist Christian Marclay’s piece The Clock and how he uses different subject matter to portray the theme of time. Afterwards, create a collage using fabric, magazines and other media to depict your own understanding of time.

February 26

Capture: Video Installations

Visit featured artist Colin Smith’s Obscure Inversions to learn about the play between light and shadow. Work with mixed media, projection and video to create a temporary installation in the AGA’s public spaces.

March 5

Reflect: Self Portraiture

Featuring guest artist Patrick Higgins, this session explores a myriad of media and techniques to make a self-portrait. Patrick Higgins is a figurative painter and portrait artist.

March 12

Assemble: Found Object Sculpture

Metal, wire, paper, wood, and clay are traditional sculpture materials but found objects such as corks, floppy disks, and yarn can also be use to create a 3D art piece. Explore different styles of sculpture in this hands-on workshop and find inspiration to create your own!

March 19

DIY: Open Studio 3D
Have a project idea? Want to finish what you started? Open Studio is for you! In this special edition Studio Y, you choose your own project and theme.

March 26

Pull: Screen Printing

Learn the basics of stencilling and silkscreen in Pop Show!, an exhibition featuring the pioneers of the pop art movement before creating your own hand-cut stencils. Develop your images through the application and layering of multiple colours to create a work that pops!

Youth Residencies

Youth Residencies

12 Week Residency Program
September 11–December 18, 2014
Cost: $144 season/$120 AGA Members

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Join us for Studio Y Residency—a 12 week studio where teens investigate the AGA in fresh and exciting ways! Studio Y Residents will have the opportunity to become part of a unique group of teen artists that have exclusive opportunities at the AGA including visits from guest artists, behind the scenes tours and ongoing access to Studio Y Workshops.

Studio Y Residencies include:

  • Access to a season of Studio Y Drop-In Classes offered each Thursday from 3:30-5:30 pm
  • A chance to learn from guest artist-teachers throughout the season
  • Rare behind the scenes tours and talks from AGA artists and staff
  • Exciting volunteer opportunities to work with AGA artists and educators
  • A personal sketchbook and drawing materials for use in and out of Studio Y
  • A season-end art show in the TD Education Gallery located in the Singhmar Centre for Art Education where youth can show their work created in Studio Y