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AGA Youth programs offer exciting opportunities for youth to experiment with art and ideas in the studio and in the Gallery. Led by local artists in the Singhmar Centre for Art Education and designed especially for teens aged 13-17, AGA Youth Programs give teens the space to explore their own style while learning about art fundamentals and contemporary art-making techniques.


Studio Y Drop In

Studio Y Drop-In

Thursdays, 3:30-5:30 pm

Studio Y is a space where youth can explore art-making, self expression and meet other teen artists. Taught by experienced artist-instructors, Studio Y Workshops are designed for youth aged 13-17 and aim to offer young artists opportunities to explore their own artistic style while learning about contemporary art-making techniques. Studio Y workshops introduce projects and ideas that give the space for youth to discover their creative voice, develop their range of technical skills, and explore materials in a supportive, challenging and fun environment.


April 9

Manipulate: Analog Audio Crocheting

Analog audio recordings are quickly becoming history as digital recording takes its place. So what do you do with reels of audio tape that are no longer needed? Make art of course! Learn the basics of crocheting and experiment with this unorthodox method of art-making and create a reel masterpiece!

April 16

Spill: Experimental Drawings

Using chance and automatism create a series of drawings using spilt coffee. Like clouds on a sunny day, watch your work develop and transform over time. Allow your imagination to guide your hand as images and ideas appear with each unique coffee stain.

April 23

Animate: Warhol-inspired Screen Tests

View the work of Andy Warhol before heading to the studio to create your own version of the artist’s famous screen tests. Using a video camera, play with mood, lighting and composition to set the stage for your video portrait. Edit your work to complete a final version.

April 30

Build: Curious Creatures

Explore our current exhibition DaveandJenn: No End and view the duo’s collaboratively created sculptures. Through close looking and in-Gallery sketching, discover what makes these sculptures unique. Back in the studio, use these insights and sketches to construct a clay model of your own curious creature!

May 7 | TBC

Pull: Screen Printing

TBC Guest Artist

May 14

Pull: Screen Printing

Pop into our exhibition POP SHOW! Dazzled by the Everyday and gather inspiration from well-known artists including Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Learn the basics of stenciling and screen printing to create multi-layered artworks!

May 21

DIY: Open Studio 2D

Have a project idea? Want to finish what you started? Open Studio is for you! In this special edition of Studio Y, you choose your own project and theme.

May 28

Exchange: Modern and Postmodern

Walk through the current exhibition The Double Bind: Conversations Between Modernism and Postmodernism and contemplate the interesting pairings on display. In the studio, experiment with mixed media to create a series of artist trading cards expressing a personal statement then mix and match your tiny works with other students to see what conversation develops.

June 4

Paint: Understanding Abstraction

Take advantage of this unique look into the life and times of Canadian abstract artist Jack Bush then discover the impact of the abstraction on the development of art within Alberta. Create a painting on canvas using acrylic techniques.

June 11

Collaborate: Design Olympics

A Charrette is a workshop or session where designers collaborate within a timeframe to develop solutions to various design problems. Starting with a series of challenges, work as a team to design and install a large scale work in Churchill Square.

June 18

Mix and Match: Felting and Found Objects

Using inspiration from local artist and AGA Educator Alie Service’s Found Flock series, create your own sculpture using found objects and felting. A felting demonstration will be given before deciding which animal to recreate in sculptural form.

June 25

DIY: Open Studio 3D

Have a project idea? Want to finish what you started? Open Studio is for you! In this special edition of Studio Y, you choose your own project and theme.


Weekend Art Classes

Information coming soon!

Youth Residencies

Youth Residencies

12 Week Residency Program
April 9–June 26, 2015
Cost: $144 season/$120 AGA Members

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Join us for Studio Y Residency—a 12 week studio where teens investigate the AGA in fresh and exciting ways! Studio Y Residents will have the opportunity to become part of a unique group of teen artists that have exclusive opportunities at the AGA including visits from guest artists, behind the scenes tours and ongoing access to Studio Y Workshops.

Studio Y Residencies include:

  • Access to a season of Studio Y Drop-In Classes offered each Thursday from 3:30-5:30 pm
  • A chance to learn from guest artist-teachers throughout the season
  • Rare behind the scenes tours and talks from AGA artists and staff
  • Exciting volunteer opportunities to work with AGA artists and educators
  • A personal sketchbook and drawing materials for use in and out of Studio Y
  • A season-end art show in the TD Education Gallery located in the Singhmar Centre for Art Education where youth can show their work created in Studio Y

Summer Youth Camps

Youth Camps

Students aged 13-17

Early bird $315/$286 AGA Members
After May 31 $335/$306 AGA Members

Jul 13-17 | Acrylic Painting
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Push the boundaries of painting! Get out of your comfort zone! Develop mad skills while working closely with professional artists. Using this versatile medium, experiment with paint application, colour theory, lighting and more to create a suite of works in your own unique style.

Aug 18-22 | Portfolio Prep
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Ever dreamed of being an artist? We can help! Not only do we know a lot of artists but we know what it takes to be one. Learn what art schools and galleries are looking for in a portfolio and work on projects guaranteed to stand out!