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AGA Youth programs offer exciting opportunities for youth to experiment with art and ideas in the studio and in the Gallery. Led by local artists in the Singhmar Centre for Art Education and designed especially for teens aged 13-17, AGA Youth Programs give teens the space to explore their own style while learning about art fundamentals and contemporary art-making techniques.


TEEN Night


TEEN Night at your AGA!

Free for teens 13-17

Join us and a hundred of your new friends at the AGA for a special night designed for you! Teen nights are a perfect opportunity to see what’s happening at the AGA, make friends with similar interests, and be creative.

Stay late, eat snacks, meet an artist and make some art!!

Upcoming events:

October 13 | By Design
5-8 pm, FREE for teens 13-17
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December 8 | Cut and Paste: A montage
5-8pm, FREE for teens 13-17

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Studio Y Drop In

Studio Y Drop-In

Thursdays, 4-6 pm

Studio Y is a space where youth can explore art-making, self expression and meet other teen artists. Taught by experienced artist-instructors, Studio Y Workshops are designed for youth aged 13-17 and aim to offer young artists opportunities to explore their own artistic style while learning about contemporary art-making techniques. Studio Y workshops introduce projects and ideas that give the space for youth to discover their creative voice, develop their range of technical skills, and explore materials in a supportive, challenging and fun environment.


September 17 | Create Chiaroscuro

Explore the use of dramatic lighting of the paintings in the exhibition Illuminations: Italian Baroque Masterworks in Canadian Collection, then bring this inspiration into the studio, using your fellow Studio Y friends as models to create dramatic scenes using lights and props. Learn how to use the camera to capture your baroque inspired stills.

September 24 | Build: Installation Art

After perusing through Will Murray’s exhibition On Invasive Species and Infidelity, discuss how found objects can be used for more than their original purpose. Deconstruct these objects and collaboratively build a temporary installation art piece.

October 1 | Design: The Art of Book Binding

Take a walk through Charrette Roulette and think about the idea of using language and books to create art. Use these ideas as you bind your own book and add found language to complete an art book.

Charrette Roulette is organized by the Art Gallery of Alberta as a part of the Poole Centre of Design, and presented with the support of PCL.

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October 8 | DIY: Open Studio 2D

Have a project idea? Want to finish what you started? Open Studio is for you! In this special edition of Studio Y you choose your own project and theme.

October 15 | Mix it Up: Self-Portrait

Using Chris Cran, Sincerely Yours as a take-off point, sketch your own inspiring art pieces, reflecting on how Cran mixes traditional ideas with his own personal styles and themes. In the studio, create a self-portrait using a variety of mixed-media, employing traditional painting techniques and contemporary use of found objects.

October 22 | Splatter: Painting Emotions

The Rough Country exhibit explores emotions and tensions felt by Alberta artists in the middle of the 20th century. Discuss how these emotions are depicted in the lines, colours, shapes, and textures of the featured works. Downstairs in the studio, brainstorm and sketch the emotional times of your life. After learning acrylic paint techniques, create a painting to represent these moments.

October 29 | Images vs. Words: The Ultimate Art Battle

Everybody knows that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but is a word worth a thousand pictures? Explore the powerful connections between images and text in this mixed-media workshop with guest artist Adriana Onita. Ekphrasis exercises, poetry prompts, and mixed-media stations will make you think differently about who would win the ultimate battle between words and images!

November 5 | Experiment: Encaustic Methods

In this Studio Y session you will learn a variety of encaustic methods after exploring Dana Holst’s oil and encaustic art in the exhibition She’s All That. Experiment with a couple of these unusual techniques to create smaller scale artwork. Encaustic is a great medium to add to your artistic repertoire!

November 9 | Carve: Expressionism Linocut Prints

Visit the exhibition Living Building Thinking: Art and Expressionism, and then discuss how art can be used to comment on social issues. Once in the studio, collaborate with your fellow Studio Y participants to make a list of current, top-of-mind social issues. Next, learn linocut techniques and create an art piece that comments on a social issue of your choosing.

November 12 | Spill: Coffee Stain Drawings

Many people look into the sky watch as images form with the moving clouds. The same can happen when coffee is spilt over paper. Allow your imagination to guide your drawing eye as images and ideas appear with each unique coffee stain.

November 19 | Carve – Expressionism Linocut Prints

Take a walk through the current exhibition Living Building Thinking: Art and Expressionism. Discuss how art can be used to comment on social issues. Back in the studio, brainstorm a list of current social issues. Next learn linocut techniques to create an art piece that comments on a chosen social issue.

November 26 | DIY: Open Studio 3D

Have a project idea? Want to finish what you started? Open Studio is for you! In this special edition of Studio Y, you choose your own project and theme.

December 3 | Shake it Up: Wet Felting

Learn a new felting technique…one that is quite the physical workout to accomplish. Talk about unusual landscapes and how they could be presented using different colours and textures of felt, and then create an abstract piece using the technique you just learned.

December 10 | Repeat: Testing out Tessellations

Explore the history of tessellations. Discover how artists like M.C. Escher modernized this method of creating pattern for art. Create your own tessellation templates using scratch foam and ink, and then then experiment with the repetition of your shapes and images.

December 17 | Pull: Silk Screening

Reflect on the history of silk-screening, from its use in commercialization and as a new art form. After a lesson in stenciling, create your own stencil to be used on different surfaces, such as paper bags, boxes, and even fabric.


Weekend Art Classes

Students aged 13-17
Cost: $135/121.50 AGA Members
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Break the frame in the experimental class on photography!  Explore the medium of photography from the past and in the present then move beyond photographic basics like lighting and composition. Visit current exhibitions for inspiration and in the studio; investigate the limits of analog and digital technologies to create a series of unexpected artworks.

The AGA has limited cameras so bring your own to edit and keep your images.

AGA Youth Council

AGA Youth Council

Are you between the ages of 13-17? Are you interested in the arts? Do you want to contribute to your community?

Join the AGA Youth Council!

The AGA Youth Council is a new initiative to develop teen audiences at the Art Gallery of Alberta. As a member of the AGA Youth Council, you will gain exclusive access to the inner workings of the gallery and have unique opportunities to collaborate with local artists and creative professionals. Work alongside museum staff to design and develop meaningful programming initiatives for yourself and your peers!

The commitment for Youth Council members is 20 volunteer hours per month, including council meetings once per week, sub-committee meetings, planning and delivery of events, attendance at events and email correspondence.

Youth Council Benefits

Benefits of participating on the AGA Youth Council include: a complimentary AGA student membership, mentorship from museum professionals, collaborations with artists and creative professionals, valuable skills and experience, leadership challenges, and new friends!

Articulate your voice though experimentation, exploration and expression in a safe and fun environment created by you!

DEADLINE TO APPLY for the 2015-2016 school year is September 28 at 5:00 pm

Only applicants who have been selected will be contacted.

Apply today >

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