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AGA Youth programs offer exciting opportunities for youth to experiment with art and ideas in the studio and in the Gallery. Led by local artists in the Singhmar Centre for Art Education and designed especially for teens aged 13-17, AGA Youth Programs give teens the space to explore their own style while learning about art fundamentals and contemporary art-making techniques.




SWARM: Teens Take Over your AGA!

Free for teens 13-17

Join us and a hundred of your new friends at your AGA for a special night designed just for you! SWARM is the perfect opportunity to see what’s happening at the AGA, make friends with similar interests, and be creative.

Stay late, eat snacks, meet an artist and make some art!

Upcoming events:

February 9, 2016
5-8 pm, FREE for teens 13-17
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April 5, 2016
Registration coming soon!

SWARM is developed and presented by the AGA Youth Council with support from Maclab Enterprises.


Studio Y Drop In

Studio Y Drop-In

Thursdays, 4-6 pm
January 7–June 23

Studio Y is a space where youth can explore art-making, self expression and meet other teen artists. Taught by experienced artist-instructors, Studio Y Workshops are designed for youth aged 13-17 and aim to offer young artists opportunities to explore their own artistic style while learning about contemporary art-making techniques. Studio Y workshops introduce projects and ideas that give the space for youth to discover their creative voice, develop their range of technical skills, and explore materials in a supportive, challenging and fun environment.

February 11 | Felted Forms
Using a felting needle and loose wool, learn to create a variety of 3D forms. Discover the differences in wools and how to manipulate each colour to work in concert with your sculpture as a whole.

February 18 | Papermaking
In this introductory session, learn the basics of papermaking and look at its history as it evolved from a place of functionality to an art form. Incorporate organic ephemera such tea leaves, flowers, and tissue to make your own paper to use for a journal or as a canvas to create another artwork!

February 25 | Guest Artist: Hilary Mussell
Join guest artist Hilary Mussell and use what are traditionally known as crafting techniques with fabric, yarn and string, to create a three-dimensional work of art. The focus of this class will be on experimentation with new materials, creating interesting and unique details in your work and spatial thinking. Students are encouraged to stretch themselves, try techniques they are unfamiliar with, and have fun!

March 3 | Paint like Pollock
Take a small journey into art history to understand why Jackson Pollock was a leader in the abstract expressionist movement. Discuss the different elements of art and design he employs in his paintings. Take inspiration from Pollock’s process and work up a large-scale composition using paint to pour and splatter.

March 10 | Pull: Silk Screening
Be inspired by one of Edmonton’s own printmakers, Sean Caulfield. Discuss the visual elements of a print and how it is distinctive in its field of the Fine Arts. In the studio create a silkscreen stencil that best represents these visual elements of printmaking.

March 17 | Open Studio 3D
Have a project idea? Want to finish what you started? Open Studio is for you! In this special edition of Studio Y, you choose your own project and theme.

March 24 | Identify: Cultural Representation
Explore Richelle Bear Hat and Brittney Bear Hat’s new exhibition and their approach to identity as they delve into their cultural history. Take some time to reflect on your own cultural background and brainstorm how this can be represented visually. Choosing from a variety of materials, create a self-portrait.

March 31 | Articulating Architecture
Who designed the Art Gallery of Alberta? Tour the Gallery and discover the history of the AGA, information about the architect who designed our current building and where his inspiration came from. Take on the challenge of designing your own gallery or museum for the city of Edmonton. Make floor models and blueprints before forming a physical maquette of your design.

Youth Weekend Art Class

Youth Weekend Art Classes
Registered studio classes for students aged 13-17

Youth Weekend Art Classes provide in-depth investigations into the creative practices of artists featured in our AGA exhibitions, while providing the opportunity for youth to take artistic risks in a safe and fun environment.

Saturdays, 1-3pm
$135/121.50 AGA Members

Guerilla Art
January 9-February 20, 2016 (no class February 13)

Guerilla Art, also known as street art, affects the world in creative and thought-provoking ways.  In this workshop, discover that art making is all about ideas, new perspectives and creative problem solving. Work to transform different environments using signage, stencils, found objects, photography, posters, and chalk!

Landscape Painting
March 5-April 20 (no classes March 25 and April 2)
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Learn how to paint from the inside out with this landscape painting workshop. Discover the work of artists from the past and present in the Gallery before trying your hand at watercolour, acrylic and oil painting. Work towards the creation of your own abstract painting inspired by the work of 7: Professional Native Indian Artists Inc. artists.

AGA Youth Council

AGA Youth Council

AGA Youth Council is a new initiative to develop programming at the AGA for youth by youth. Watch here for upcoming program developments like TEEN Night.

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