Art Gallery of Alberta

AGA Summer Group Programs

Looking for a fun way to connect to art and ideas with your summer group! Explore the art and architecture of the AGA in the Gallery or in the Studios with fun-filled Summer Group Programs. Summer Group Programs run from July 12-August 31, 2013.

Exhibition Visits

9:30-11 am, 11 am-12:30 pm, 12:30-2 pm

$84 for a group up to 10 students
$126 for a group up to 20 students
$168 for a group up to 30 students

Choose from:

Tiny Art Adventures (ages 3-6)

Introduce young students to art and the museum through age-appropriate short stories, gallery play and a variety of art activities. Explore the Gallery with multi-sensory exercises that encourage close looking, movement and group participation.

Artist as Storyteller (ages 6+)

Explore the art at the AGA through story in this exploratory visit. Discuss setting, characters, and narrative to learn all about the art of storytelling. This thematic visit includes brainstorming, story sequencing, and oral storytelling activities.

Learning to Look (ages 10+)

Explore the Gallery with your eyes, your mind and a pencil! Investigate current exhibitions through discussions, games, and a variety of drawing activities.

Studio Visits

9:30-11:30 am
or 12-2 pm
$146 for a group up to 15 students
$198 for a group up to 30 students

Colour Play (ages 4-8)

What sound does red make? What does blue smell like? How does purple move? Students explore their world through colour in this multi-sensory, experimental studio workshop. Students use their five senses to explore colour in the Gallery spaces through search games and movement activities. Back in the studio, students create abstract paintings inspired by different types of music.

My Place (ages 9+)

Landscape art becomes more than just physical space in this fun studio project! Students explore the idea of ‘place’ and their own place in the world through storytelling, Gallery explorations and a mixed-media sculpture project. Students investigate the basic elements of landscape art including foreground, mid-ground and background and visit Gallery spaces to discover how artists tell stories about ‘places’ in their artwork. In the studio, students work with a variety of materials to build their own 3-dimensional relief sculpture based on a place that is important to them.

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