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Kids Classes

AGA Art Classes are offered throughout the year and provide students the opportunity to engage with the art at the AGA through hands-on, brains-on art projects! Art Classes and Camps are led by professional artists and art educators in the Singhmar Centre for Art Education. These classes provide an opportunity for students to experiment, take chances and participate in an open dialogue about art in a fun and low-pressure environment.

Weekend Art Classes

Weekend Art Classes Session Four

September 12–October 24, 2015 (no class October 10)

Saturdays, 10–11:30am

Family Studio: Paint & Play!
Students aged 3-5 years
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What do splash, drip, drizzle, push, scrape, dance have in common? Find out in this exciting family studio session! Play with paint, movement and colour then experiment with surface and scale to challenge our ideas of “painting”.

Light & Shadow
Students aged 6-8 years
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Drawing inspiration from the theatre and the dramatic works in Illuminations: Italian Baroque Masterpieces in Canadian Collections, create a series of masterworks using materials such as clay, paint, photography & video. Participate in improv games and movement activities, and then play with lighting and shadow effects to give your artwork an air of mystery and intrigue.

Design Lab
Students aged 9-12 years
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What is design? Find the answer in the class dedicated to the process of design. In studio, experiment with art materials and technology to create prototypes and 3D works of art. Blend visual art techniques and design thinking strategies then work collaboratively to realize a final installation.

Weekend Art Classes Session Five

November 7–December 12, 2015

Saturdays, 10–11:30am

Family Studio: 1, 2, 3 Print!
Students aged 3-5 years
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Explore multiples in art through a variety of printmaking and photographic activities that illuminate the magic of these processes. Visit the galleries for inspiration before creating your own exciting prints in the studio. Learn about monotypes, relief printing, collography and more!

Express yourself!
Students aged 6-8 years
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Explore a range of emotions in our current exhibitions and discover how artists use materials to express how they feel! Working with paint, printmaking techniques, and performance, create stories and expressive works of art including portraiture, sculpture and installation.

Students aged 9-12 years
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Gather inspiration and ideas in the Gallery before working with analog and digital animation techniques in this class that never quits. Work with storyboarding, illustration techniques, and computer technology in order to create your own series of animation-inspired works of art.

Saturday Open Studio

2015 Saturday Open Studio

Drop-in classes for kids aged 6-12
Singhmar Centre for Art Education
Saturdays, 1-3 pm
Cost: $15

Paint, sculpt, draw and design! Each Saturday, explore art-making and inspiring ideas in these fun drop-in sessions. Through play and creative experiments, Saturday Open Studio offers opportunities to get your hands messy and create in a relaxed, informal environment.

  • All materials and supplies are included
  • Spots can only be purchased on the day-of, in person or over the phone, during regular Guest Services hours.
  • Saturday Open Studio is a “drop-in class”, but class capacity is limited. First come, first served.

September 12

Creative Conversations

Visit our current exhibition the Double Bind: Conversations between Modernism and Postmodernism for inspiration before heading to the studio. Play games, experiment with text and image, and apply colourful paint to your artful conversation.

September 19

Light and Shadow

Get inspired by the masters in Illuminations: Italian Baroque Masterworks in Canadian Collections before experimenting with dramatic light and shadow in the studio. Use charcoal and an eraser to create your own illuminated masterpieces.

September 26

Photo Mashup!

Bring a favourite photograph or use one of ours; then cut, mix and re-assemble a variety of images into new and fascinating compositions. (NB: We will photocopy any photos brought to class to preserve the original)

October 3


Create dynamic 2D works using mixed media, collage and printmaking techniques. See the work of Alberta artist Chris Cran before heading to the studio to play with these versatile materials and methods.

October 10

No Class

Happy Thanksgiving! We are taking a break this week, but join us again next weekend!

October 17

Altered Books

Discover the art of books in this fun session. Transform an ordinary book into a sculpture, then place your artwork on your bookshelf right next to your favourite authors!

October 24

Optical Illusions

Delve into a magical realm where nothing is as simple as it seems! Play with colour, perspective and vantage point to create a series of 3D effects meant to trick the eye!

October 31

Exquisite Corpse

Exquisite Corpse is an art game created by Dada artists in the early 20th century. In our edition, use relief printmaking techniques to create hybrid animals and monsters in time for Halloween night!

November 7

Painted Portraits

Look in the mirror, what do you see? Take a good look at yourself in this class as we learn how to paint our likenesses. Be inspired by Expressionist artists featured in Gallery before trying your hand at your own self-portrait.

November 14

Clay Sculpture

What can you do with clay? Find out this week as we work with one of our favourite art materials! Learn about armatures, structure and building techniques then use your hands or the tools provided to create a clay sculpture of your own.

November 21

Print, Paint, Draw!

Sketch in Gallery before creating and cutting your own stencils. Layer them to make a series of exciting print works. Add details using markers, paint and cut paper to make your work truly unique!

November 28

Mail Art

Look for inspiration in your mailbox and learn more about correspondence art. In this class you will create a series of cards and envelopes, add postage, and then wait for the mail to arrive!

December 5

Moody Masterpieces

How are you feeling today? Find some moody inspiration in the gallery and express yourself in paint as we mix, combine, drag, and create in this colourful class.

December 12


Look for patterns and repetition in Gallery before heading to the studio to make your own tessellations (patterns that fit perfectly together without any spaces). Carve a stamp, ink it with your favourite colour and carefully place on a piece of paper to transfer your design. Repeat until your masterpiece is complete!

December 19

Comic Creations

Bring your stories to life in comic book form. In Gallery sketching will help you find inspiration for characters, setting, action and more. In the studio, further develop your story using markers, ink and paint to create your very own comic book.

December 26

No Class

Happy Holidays! We are taking a break this week. Please join us in the New Year for doodles and oodles more!