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Kids Camps & Classes

AGA Art Classes and ArtBreak Camps are offered throughout the year and provide students the opportunity to engage with the art at the AGA through hands-on, brains-on art projects! Art Classes and Camps are led by professional artists and art educators in the Singhmar Centre for Art Education. These classes provide an opportunity for students to experiment, take chances and participate in an open dialogue about art in a fun and low-pressure environment.

Saturday Open Studio

2014 Saturday Open Studio

Drop-in classes for kids aged 6-12
Singhmar Centre for Art Education
Saturdays, 1-3 pm
Cost: $15

Paint, sculpt, draw and design! Each Saturday, explore art-making and inspiring ideas in these fun drop-in sessions. Through play and creative experiments, Saturday Open Studio offers opportunities to get your hands messy and create in a relaxed, informal environment.

  • All materials and supplies are included
  • Spots can only be purchased on the day-of, in person or over the phone, during regular Guest Services hours.
  • Saturday Open Studio is a “drop-in class”, but class capacity is limited. First come, first served.

September 20

Parisian Poster Designs

Discover Paris at the end of the 19th century with Toulouse-Lautrec and his friends. Work with printmaking and illustration techniques to create a poster that grabs the attention of the world!

September 27

Draw on the Walls!

Yes! We will be drawing on the walls! Visit our exhibition, New Lines: Contemporary Drawings before picking up your favourite drawing material and working as a team to create a large-scale mural on the studio wall.

October 4

Puppets, Marionettes and More!

Learn the basics of puppet making before creating your own marionette. Brainstorm a variety of story ideas then bring your character to life in a performance for all of your friends!

October 11

No Class

Happy Thanksgiving! We are taking a break this week, but join us again next weekend!

October 18

Art of Fibre

Using wool, thread and fabric, experiment with felting and other fibre techniques. Explore traditional and contemporary uses for this art form.

October 25

Moving Pictures

View video art in the Gallery then create your own moving image. Using post its, plasticine and wood blocks, develop a sequence to photograph before uploading the images to movie editing software.

November 1


Create a one of a kind print using a variety of drawing & printing methods, papers and ink. This is one experience that cannot be duplicated!

November 8

Wintery Watercolours

Inspired by our city and our weather, learn a variety of watercolour techniques before painting a panoramic winter landscape.

November 15

Illustrating Dream Worlds

Have you ever had a dream that was hard to explain? Use illustration and drawing methods to create a large scale drawing mapping out the storyline.

November 22

Design Your Own Museum

Using the AGA and Randall Stout’s concept as inspiration, become an architect and design a blue print and maquette showcasing your own ideas for an ultra-cool museum.

November 29

Clay Play

Roll up your sleeves and play with clay! Learn basic hand building techniques before moulding a sculptural work.

December 6

Pop Prints!

Inspired by past and present exhibitions, explore 60’s pop art and silkscreen practices before creating your own stencil and a series of colourful prints.

December 13

Animal Portraits

Gather inspiration in our current exhibition World of Boo and explore colour-mixing and acrylic-painting techniques before creating a portrait of your favourite animal.

December 20

Mail Art

Look for inspiration in your mailbox and learn more about correspondence art. Create a series of cards and envelopes, add postage, then wait for the mail to arrive!

Weekend Classes

Weekend Art Classes

November 8-December 13, 2014
$95/ $85 AGA Members
No class October 11

Saturdays, 10–11:30am

Family Studio: Ready, Set, Play!
Students aged 3-5 years
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Let the games begin! In this session of Family Studio, try out a variety of materials in 2D and 3D forms, participate in some of our favorite art games and build your art skills though play and experimentation.

Print & Play
Students aged 6–8 years
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Inspired by local printmakers, learn the basics of monotype, relief printing and silkscreen techniques while experimenting with unusual materials. Draw back into your prints or create a sculpture as you push the boundaries of the printmaking medium.

Art Journaling
Students aged 9-12 years
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Experiment with mixed media and turn an ordinary book into a work of art. Visit the Gallery for inspiration and document what you see, record the world around you or capture your thoughts on a page. Play with image and text, story development and various artistic techniques to tell your stories.

Saturdays, 12–1:30pm

Students aged 6-8 years
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Gather inspiration and ideas in the Gallery before working with analog and digital animation techniques in this class that never quits. Work with storyboarding, illustration techniques and computer technology in order to create your own series of animation-inspired works of art.

Moving Pictures
Students aged 9–12 years
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Discover art in motion in this session dedicated to video art. Explore the history of the medium before experimenting with animation, video and photographic techniques. Complete a series of artworks to take home and attend a special screening the last day of class.


AGA Birthday Parties!

The Art Gallery of Alberta offers birthday parties for children aged four years and up. Party bookings are available on weekends and include a Gallery exploration, exciting studio project and time for birthday fun in the Singhmar Centre for Art Education!

Program Cost

$160 / $144 AGA Members (plus GST)
Program cost includes a group of up to 15 children and 4 supervising adults
$9/person thereafter

This 2 hour program includes:

  • A Gallery Educator to lead your program
  • A 20-30 Minutes Gallery tour of exhibitions connected to your studio project
  • A studio art project to take home (see below for project options)
  • Time for birthday festivities (Gifts, snacks, cake, etc…)
  • Full use of a studio space for 2 hours
  • Access to a fridge and limited storage space

The AGA does not provide catering services but parties are welcome to bring their own refreshments. Up to 4 supervising adults are free with your program cost (but expected to supervise!)

Is 2 hours just not enough time? The studio space can be rented for an additional $60/hour. Your Gallery Educator will remain with your group to assist you for this time.

Still have questions? Download our Birthday Party FAQ here: Birthday Party FAQ (PDF)

Project Options

Choose from one of the options below for your Birthday Party program.

1. Colour Party!

Ages 4+

Play with painting and music in this project! Explore the Gallery to find out how artists use colour to create moods, and then experiment with colour mixing to create your own abstract painting while listening to different moods in music. Together, all the paintings will create a colourful mural!

2. Play on Architecture

Ages 4+

Explore the architecture of the AGA from the inside out with storytelling, Gallery activities and building exercises! In the studio, create a 3-D architectural sculpture from wood blocks, and then paint your creation.

3. Print and Play

Ages 6+

Experiment with print making in this creative project! A short, interactive Gallery tour will investigate how stories are told through art. We will then create our own prints inspired by AGA exhibitions using various techniques!

4. My Place

Ages 6+

Explore our own place in the world through storytelling, Gallery explorations and a mixed-media sculpture project! Investigate the basic elements of landscape art, and visit Gallery spaces to discover how artists tell stories about ‘places’ in their artwork! In the studio, work with a variety of materials to build a relief sculpture based on a place that is important to you.

Program Booking

To book a birthday party, please fill out the online booking form. Any cancellations or changes to your booking(s) must be made within one week of your party booking. Failure to do so will result in a $35 cancellation fee.

New! Printable invites from your AGA: Download invites (PDF)

Tours for Tots

Tours for Tots

Drop-in Wednesday mornings for these family fun adventures with art! Visits include Gallery explorations, art-making, story-telling, and more! Each Art Adventure has a different theme related to current exhibitions and promotes early childhood learning skills such as literacy, numeracy, community awareness and creative expression.

For families and kids aged 3-5
Wednesdays, 10-11 am
Free with Gallery admission

Please note that the Tours for Tots program is designed for children aged 3-5 accompanied by an adult. Day care and other community groups can book a School Program here.

September 24

Re-discover Drawing
What is a drawing? Put your knowledge to the test in our current exhibition New Lines: Contemporary Drawing from the NGC. Experiment with mark making and non-traditional drawing materials as you discover and re-discover what a drawing can be.

October 1

My Dream House

Explore stimulating spaces and look at artwork of interesting places. Consider what makes them fantastic. Then become an architect and design your very own dream house in the studio. What will it look like, where will it be and what will it need to be special?

October 8

What is Texture?

What is texture? What does it look like and feel like? How can we create it? Take inspiration from the beautiful textured works of Amy Malbeuf in kayâs-ago before creating a fantastic textured work of your own!

October 15

Inspired by Toulouse-Lautrec

Learn more about Toulouse-Lautrec and his unusual life. Discover his unique use of line and create a work of your own that emphasizes line and colour just like the artist himself.

October 22

Subconscious Creations

Travel into Strange Dream, a mural by Jill Stanton and imagine the many adventures you might have. Let your subconscious mind guide the creation of your very own art work.

October 29

Masquerade at the Art Gallery

Explore current exhibitions in search of people, characters and more. Discover their stories and imagine the places they have been and will go. Create a wearable mask of your favourite character or one of your own imagining.

November 5

Moving Image
Explore art in the Gallery and discover how artists use movement to tell a story. Before you are done, create an artwork inspired by movement using projection and light.

November 12

Fibre Art
In our last visit to Amy Malbeuf’s kayâs-ago, examine how the artist has used fibre in her work. How do other artists use fibre? Play with different fibre art materials and create a texture art piece of your own.

November 19


November 26

Art Lab
During a Gallery visit discover some of the things that art and science have in common. Then head to the studios to create your own artistic experiments.

December 3


Explore illustration, and how artists in the Gallery combine reality with the world of imagination. Let your imagination run wild and create a world full of surprises.

December 10

Art Detectives

Become a detective! Move and play as you search for the elements of design in the Art Gallery! Investigate the properties of each element and artfully record them in your log book.

December 17

A Photographer’s Eye

With a photographer’s eye, visit the photographic works in current exhibitions and discover the subject matter and interests of artists on display. Gather inspiration to create your own altered photograph art works.