Art Gallery of Alberta

Kids Classes

AGA Art Classes are offered throughout the year and provide students the opportunity to engage with the art at the AGA through hands-on, brains-on art projects! Art Classes and Camps are led by professional artists and art educators in the Singhmar Centre for Art Education. These classes provide an opportunity for students to experiment, take chances and participate in an open dialogue about art in a fun and low-pressure environment.

Weekend Art Classes

Weekend Art Classes Session I

Registered studio classes for students aged 3-12
Saturdays, 10-11:30 am
January 9–February 20, 2016 (no class Feb 13)
$95/$85 AGA Members

Choose from a variety of classes featuring Gallery visits, studio projects and experiments inspired by current exhibitions.

Family Studio: Fibre Frenzy
Students aged 3-5
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See the way the world of art and design merge in our featured exhibitions and then head to the studio for a frenzy of fun hands-on art projects inspired by the fabric works of Yvonne Mullock and Teng Teng Chong. Experiment with weaving, wet felting, resist dyeing, printmaking on fabric and more!

Everyday Design
Students aged 6-8
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Have you ever walked into a door because it needs to be pulled when you pushed it? Or hung up the phone on your mom? Discover how the design of everyday things can make our lives really easy or really difficult in this design focussed art class. Work with paper, wood, cardboard and everyday materials to solve some of our most annoying design problems. Dream up and build sculptures and prototypes of your own.

Weekend Art Classes Session II

Registered studio classes for students aged 3-12
Saturdays, 10-11:30 am
March 5-April 23, 2016 (no classes March 25 & April 2)
$95/$85 AGA Members

Family Studio: Nature Studies
Students aged 3-5
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Investigate the art of our natural world and learn how artists find inspiration in nature! Begin by learning about painting techniques through exploratory exercises using line, shape, colour and texture. Next, gather ideas and inspiration from works of art in the Gallery for your own art experiments. In this class, work with a variety of painting media including coloured inks, watercolour, tempera and acrylic paint.

Landmarks & Landscapes
Students aged 6-8
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Inspired by the Studio Building (LINK>, a creative hub where the Group of Seven painters gathered and worked, this hands-on session explores creative spaces, architecture, nature and landscape through art mediums, art experiments in both 2D & 3D, and collaboration among artists. Explore the work of Canada’s most famous historical artists and then experiment with paint, building materials and design thinking in the studio.

Re-imagined Worlds
Students aged 9-12
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Link elements of gaming, map-making and art while drawing inspiration from imaginary worlds featured in literature, film and video games, and then view the paintings of iconic artists Tom Thompson and the Group of Seven to discover how the artists interpreted their surroundings. In the studio, learn about cartography (map-making) and use acrylic paint, ink, and cardboard as well as colour, composition and scale to design your own unique 2D & 3D environments.

Saturday Open Studio

2016 Saturday Open Studio

Drop-in studio investigations for students aged 6-12 years
Singhmar Centre for Art Education
Saturdays, 1-3 pm
January 9–June 25
Cost: $15

Paint, sculpt, draw and design! Each Saturday, get inspired and make some art in these fun drop-in sessions. Through play and creative experiments, Saturday Open Studio offers opportunities to get your hands messy in a relaxed, informal environment.

  • All materials and supplies are included
  • Spots can only be purchased on the day-of, in person or over the phone, during regular Guest Services hours.
  • Saturday Open Studio is a “drop-in class”, but class capacity is limited. First come, first served.

January 02 | Beautiful Oops

Happy New Year! Expect the unexpected in this unplanned project. Visit the Chris Cran exhibition for inspiration and experiment with colourful inks and soft pastels. Find out where art can take you!

January 09 | Whimsical Weaving

Dive into a world of playful colours, textures, and textiles at the Charrette Roulette: FABRIC exhibition. Create your own loom and get carried away… weave ho!

January 16 | Mixed Media Colour Experiment

Become a colour expert! Master colour theory in the gallery before heading back down to the studio to use tints, shades, and complimentary colours in a mixed media creation that will put your skills to the test.

January 23 | Dabble, Drizzle, Drop, and Drag!

Dabble with novel ways to apply paint and use a variety of unusual materials to drag, drop, and drip paint across your page in this messy and fun class.

January 30 | Linear Thinking

Explore the gallery…what kinds of lines can you find? How can we use these lines to simplify images? Create a minimalist sketch and then head back to the studio to transfer your sketch onto burlap. Use embroidery hoops to make these lines come to life with colourful textiles!

February 06 | Degenerate Design

Get ready to break some rules! Visit Living, Building, Thinking: Art and Expressionism before the exhibition closes and follow in the footsteps of these brave, avant-garde artists who strayed from convention.

February 13 | One-of-a-Kind Valentine

In today’s project, paper and fabric become one. Master a variety of stitches to make a one-of-a-kind creation for your one-of-a-kind valentine! Incorporate a personalized inscription by using a special print making technique.

February 20 | 7 x 7

The Group of Seven is at the AGA! Create a sketch in the gallery and manipulate it to create a sevenfold scape.

February 27 | Create and Obliterate

What is juxtaposition? How do artists use this powerful concept in their artwork? Explore the gallery from top to bottom and find examples of juxtaposition throughout. In this class, experiment with charcoal, gesso, and soft pastels. Don’t be afraid to take risks and try something new!

March 05 | Nature Morte

What is a nature morte? Collaboratively, we will compose a still life and watch it transform as it is captured through different eyes, angles, and media. How many different ways can we see and record our three-dimensional masterpiece? 

March 12 | Landscapes

What is a landscape? Investigate the genre and gain an understanding of elements like foreground, mid-ground and background. Work in layers to create a three-dimensional relief sculpture with mixed media!

March 19 | Words and Images

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Explore the gallery and discuss themes of the exhibitions. What words do the artworks elicit? Together, we will brainstorm a list to bring back to the gallery and incorporate them into our own artwork.

March 26 | Functional Art

Visit The Blur in Between and delve into the space that lies between art and design. Today, you are both the designer and the artist! First we design, then we create. Where will your imagination take you?

April 02 | Plasti-Scene

Pull out a magnifying glass and get up close and personal with artists from the Group of Seven. Hone in on an extreme close-up and work with Plasticine to create a low relief nature scene!

April 09 | Light and Dark

Experiment with value. Try out materials like India ink and charcoal to get a feel for tonal drawing before creating your own monochromatic masterpiece in your preferred medium.

April 16 | Dream-Catching

Animate the gallery! Today’s class begins with a performance piece in the gallery, where we will share our stories and dreams as we use our bodies to create a large-scale dream catcher in Little Cree Women (Sisters, Secrets & Stories). The second phase of our project will take place in the studio, where we will create our very own dream catchers.

April 23 | Artistic Appropriation

Take something old and make it new again! Borrow, copy, and alter pre-existing work by incorporating it into your own artistic practice. The resulting mixed media project will transform images and shift perspectives.

April 30 | Marbling Memories

Visit 7: Professional Native Indian Artists Inc. and create a whimsical, mixed media, marbling project!