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Regions of Distinction


April 25-October 26, 2014
Enterprise Square Galleries, 10230 Jasper Avenue
Free to view

Sandra Bromley | Catherine Burgess | Isla Burns | Douglas Carlyle | Douglas Haynes | Sean Caulfield | James Dow
Liz Ingram | Barry Johns | Walter Jule | Lyndal Osborne | Jane Ash Poitras | Robert Austin Scott | Orest Semchishen Robert W. Sinclair | Vivian Thierfelder

The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts (RCA) was founded in 1880 to honour canadian artists. Academicians to the RCA represent excellence across a broad range of artistic disciplines, from painters, sculptors and architects, to filmmakers, photographers, designers and craft artists. Today, the RCA has members from across the country, who are recognized for having made significant contributions to the arts and culture of the nation.

Each year the RCA invites new Academicians to join at its Annual General Assembly, which in 2014, will be held in Edmonton. the exhibition REGIONS OF DISTINCTION presented at the Enterprise Square Galleries showcases work by the 16 living Edmonton-area artists and architects who have been inducted into the RCA, and recognizes their importance to our city’s artistic community.


The Enterprise Square Galleries is an initiative of the University of Alberta and the City of Edmonton, managed by the University of Alberta Museums. The AGA at Enterprise Square Galleries exhibition series is supported by the City of Edmonton, the Art Gallery of Alberta and the University of Alberta. This exhibition is generously supported by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.



Exhibition | June 10 – 29, 2014
Reception | June 13, 2014, 7 pm

Ledcor Theatre Lobby, Lower Level

Rebekah Gulley
Hannah Quimper-Swiderski
Stephen Raitz

How we interpret a place depends on our relationship to the space. We each have our own connection to it and see things that exists that others do not. Identifying the simple elements that connect individuals to place, are the resulting work that makes up the 35 exhibition.

35 is a collection of images collected by Leduc Composite High School’s Film & Media Studies 35 students. FMS 35 is an advanced level course of photography, video and sound, focusing on exhibiting high school students’ work outside of their community.

Presented in partnership with Leduc Composite High School.

Heart of a Soldier

Exhibition | August 7 – 10 , 2014
Ledcor Theatre Lobby, Lower Level

Heart of a Soldier is a group exhibition that seeks to honour the soldiers of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Association, Calgary Branch (PPCLI Association, Calgary Branch) during their 100th Anniversary Regimental Commemoration in August 2014, 100 years after the start of WWI. This exhibition features Canadian artists from coast to coast to coast as they focus their talent and expertise on the deep commitment made by our soldiers on and off the battlefield.

Heart of a Soldier invites all members and former members of the PPCLI Association, Calgary Branch to be honoured guests as we celebrate and explore the complexities of soldiering. The public is also welcome to attend.

Presented in partnership with the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Association, Calgary Branch.