Art Gallery of Alberta

Community Exhibitions

The Women

Exhibition | March 8–22 , 2014
Ledcor Theatre Lobby, Lower Level

The faces seen here in this gallery are faces of women who have joined together for an important cause. Think of the women in your life. Women that you love. Your mother, aunts, sisters, cousins, friends. Now thing about the lengths you would go to help them if they were in a place of powerlessness. Of fear.  A situation beyond their control. If you would help, would you? Of course you would and that’s what this exhibit  is about.

These women have donated money to have their portraits taken and all funds raised are going to CEASE Edmonton and IJM Canada, two organizations that support women who have been sexually trafficked or sexually exploited. Right now, millions of people around the globe – a majority of which are women and girls – are victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking against their will. Around the world. And here in this city.

Thanks to the women you see here today, our project raised over $20 000 for these organizations – and a whole lot of awareness. Let’s keep the conversation going. If each one of these women can make a small difference, so can you..

*On view during regular Gallery hours only. This space is also a rental space, please contact Member and Guest Services ahead of time to find out when the space is available for viewing: 780.392.2500 or