Art Gallery of Alberta

Building the New Vision

Three Phases

I. Build the Collection Services Facility
The creation of a state-of-the-art off-site collection storage facility to improve the care and conservation of the AGA’s permanent collection of 7000 treasured artworks, valued at close to $33 million. The Collection Services Facility (CSF) became operational in December 2006; a renovation that produced 18,000 square feet of museum quality-controlled environment at an off-site location in downtown Edmonton.

The new facility has almost doubled the storage capacity the artwork previously occupied in the old vaults. It includes specialized environmentally controlled storage vaults that are specifically designed for various types of artworks. The CSF also offers the capacity for staff to work more productively in areas like the TREX traveling exhibition programs and digitalization of the collection.

II. Establish an Interim Gallery
The new interim Gallery and administrative offices (during the renovation of the old building) is at Enterprise Square (formerly the Hudson Bay Building), is in the core of downtown Edmonton’s business, shopping and entertainment districts. A creative and synergistic collaboration with the University of Alberta, Enterprise Square offers 11,000 square feet of newly renovated gallery space, as well as specifically designed studio classrooms, and art sales & rental storefront. The interim gallery opened and launched a bold inaugural exhibit on April 14, 2007 with China Sensation: New Art from Chengdu.

III. New Building
The new building on Sir Winston Churchill Square will open in early 2010, in the heart of Edmonton’s Arts District. This architectural icon will draw visitors from around the world with twice the former gallery space (25-30,000 sq. ft.), a doubling of educational classrooms for programming, and extensive facility usage opportunities. With optimal environmental conditions for installations, the AGA will attract more of the most sought-after touring art exhibitions. Construction is on schedule.

Case for Support

The new Gallery will provide:

A Centre of Excellence for the Visual Arts in Canada

  • The AGA will preserve Canadian art and heritage for generations to come
  • The AGA will be a premier venue for international exhibitions and a showcase for Aboriginal and regional art
  • The AGA will be an architectural icon for Edmonton and Alberta

A Revitalizing Force for Alberta’s Capital City

  • The AGA will be a major new Alberta tourism destination and a source of significant economic impact
  • The AGA will be a cornerstone of Edmonton’s Arts District
  • The AGA will be a motivating factor for attracting and retaining valuable employers and employees in Alberta

A Foundation for Quality Education and Community Access

  • The AGA will respond to the growing multicultural communities of Western Canada by providing greater educational opportunities
  • The AGA will offer important children’s programming to serve the entire region, including rural schools and inner-city students