Art Gallery of Alberta



Exhibition Guide Program (Volunteer)

Exhibition Guide Program (Volunteer) Description Exhibition Guides act as key members of the Interpretive Team at the Art Gallery of Alberta. Exhibition Guides are volunteers who offer informal, conversation-based interpretive opportunities in the Gallery spaces. This is a unique position that helps engage visitors when there is higher traffic in the Gallery. Responsible for communicating both key interpretive messages and in-depth knowledge about exhibitions and works of art, Exhibition Guides must be both engaging and […]

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Gallery Attendant

Gallery Attendant Reports to: Exhibition Experience and Interpretation Coordinator   Summary Gallery Attendants staff exhibition spaces to ensure the safety of artworks, and to communicate and engage with the public about the work on display. Gallery Attendants act as an informal interpretive resource to visitors, they help foster deeper, richer knowledge and understanding of the art and its relationship to the world. Responsibilities Working within a collegial frame of reference in an empowerment-based model, Gallery […]

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