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Shadow Play Refinery


Shadow Play Refinery

Late-night art party
Saturday, November 15, 2014

9 pm–2 am | 18+
$45/ $39 AGA Members
2 for 1 Ultra Members
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Public tickets on sale November 4 at 10 am

Prices do not include GST. Tickets are non-refundable. Any tickets purchased on or after Friday, November 7 will only be available for pick-up at Member & Guest Services or at doors of event. Electronic tickets are not provided for this event. Only valid AGA printed tickets will be accepted for admittance to the event.

Everything looks different when you turn off the lights.

The AGA becomes a world of intrigue and enigma, illusion and imagination for Shadow Play Refinery. We’re taking inspiration from the avant-garde shadow theatres of 19th century Paris-where stories came to life in whimsical, proto-cinematic productions-and celebrating all that takes shape in the night.

Explore light, dark and colour with installations by local artists Patrick Arés-Pilon, Kyle Armstrong, Leanne Olson and Mark Templeton. DJs Echo, Jaycie Jayce and Thomas Culture provide the soundtrack as you hit the dance floor, participate in art projects, and try your hand at shadow play.

Dress Code

Dress in dark hues and bold silhouettes that create dramatic shadows, or wear reflective attire—shimmer, sequins and metallics.

Did you know Refinery is not an AGA fundraising event? Refinery is one of the unique ways the AGA connects people, art and ideas through music, interactive projects and performances. To help support quality programming at future Refinery parties, please make a donation in addition to your ticket purchase.

Sponsored by
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Cameraless Animation/ Animation sans camera

Try your hand at Cameraless Animation! Thus technique allows you to create visually stunning and unique films by applying various artistic media to 16 mm film. Your short films will then be projected live and you get to keep them after!

Lancez-vous dans L’animation sans-camera. Cette technique d’animation vous permet de faire un p’tit court métrage en appliquant diverse materiaux directement sur la pellicule 16 mm. Votre court métrage sera projeter en directe et sera en vos mains!


“Rapidly we approach the final phase of the EXTENSIONS of man- the technological simulation of consciousness” -Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media, 1964

Sound artist Mark Templeton and filmmaker Kyle Armstrong have collaborated on a 12” LP and DVD (Graphical Recordings) in tribute to Canadian media visionary Marshall McLuhan. EXTENSIONS will be performed live using original and sampled film and audio inspired by the media visionary.

Harmony Light

Using video feedback and assorted printed overheads Mark Templeton’s Harmony Light produces various shapes of colour and light unifying the two elements through a loop delay of camera to monitor to camera.

Into the Light

Leanne Olson is installing hundreds of feet of transparent macro photos. The photos are reflections of the sky in sediment at the bottom of a creek. The transparencies will wrap around the steel curves of the Aurora Borealis within the stairwell.

And More…

Shadow Play Refinery will feature interactive art projects, special guest performers and late-night snacks. Our exhibitions will be open late for your viewing pleasure, and our DJs Jacie Jayce and Thomas Culture will have you dancing until the wee hours of the morning!


Mark Templeton

Canadian sound artist and media studies teacher Mark Templeton utilizes acoustic instruments, found sounds and sampled material to construct textured, collage-like electronic compositions. His sound has been called “glitchy,” but also “painterly” in an attempt to describe how his sources are crumbled and reconstructed into new forms.

Templeton’s works have been commissioned by organizations and artists of contemporary dance, film and audiovisual disciplines. His recordings have been published by Anticipate Recordings, Staalplaat, Sweat Lodge Guru, Under the Spire Recordings and Graphical Recordings.

He has performed live at international festivals and alternative spaces such as MUTEK Festival (Montreal), Unsound Festival (Krakow), WORM (Rotterdam), Galapagos (New York), Send + Receive Festival (Winnipeg), Half Die Festival (Rome), Café OTO (London) and Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival (Montreal).

Patrick Arés-Pilon

Directeur de Le Tivoli, Patrick Arès-Pilon aime se promener dans rues en contemplant la beauté innée du bruit, de la lumière et du movement entre les espaces present. Amant du film Patrick s’intéresse à sa preservation, à sa disintegration et à sa projection tout en explorant une esthétique synesthétique.

Kyle Armstrong

Kyle Armstrong is a Canadian filmmaker and artist. Working with super8 and 16mm as well as lo-fi video, Armstrong frequently uses hand-altering film techniques, employing bleaches, dyes, scratches, and paint to alter both his own footage and found films. His primary focus is on creating short, non-narrative films, which have been screened at various galleries, during live performances and in traditional cinemas around the globe. His films are influenced by filmmakers as diverse as Stan Brakhage, Hollis Frampton, Bela Tarr, Alexander Sokurov, Guy Maddin and Andrei Tarkovsky.

Armstrong’s most recent film Magnetic Reconnection received its world premiere at AFI Fest 2012, and has since been selected for SxSW 2013, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Raindance (UK), Guanajuato International Film Festival, CPH:DOX, RIDM, Rooftop Films, Seattle International Film Festival, True/False Documentary Film Festival, won the 2013 Edmonton Film Prize and has been shortlisted for the Cinema Eye Honors and has screened publicly more than 130 times. The film features an original score by Grammy award winning producer/composer Jim O’Rourke, a voice-over by acclaimed singer-songwriter/actor Will Oldham and likely some of the best footage of the aurora borealis ever captured.

Armstrong is the president of the Metro Cinema Society in Edmonton and in 2012 he was a recipient of the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Award. He coproduced Hans Olson’s feature film Figurine, is finishing a dramatic narrative short film and is working on a video for Bonnie “Prince” Billy.

Kacie Beluse-Knight

Kacie has always had a passion and gift for exploring the world through movement which she shares at dance, acrobatic and gymnastics workshops all over the province, but her favourite way to play with the intersection of light, movement and sound is with a hula hoop. Her sassy, playful style is sure to make you smile as she shares the pure joy that comes from dancing with a plastic circle.

Leanne Olson

Leanne Olson is an experimental photographer. Her frequent subjects are the intricate patterns of natural objects we often pass by and the serene emptiness of our Canadian landscape. Leanne also writes and photographs for a non-profit called E4C, telling stories of survival, compassion and poverty in Edmonton. She has exhibited at various spaces including Latitude 53 and the Drawing Room.


About Refinery

Refinery is a series of late-night art parties themed around current AGA exhibitions featuring projects by local artists, designers and performers from the local arts community. Refinery aims to provide audiences with access to art in its many diverse forms, media and manifestations.


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Refinery: Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about Refinery? We have answers!


What does my ticket get me?

Each ticket includes exhibition access, installations, performance, all activities and light food.

When do tickets go on sale?

Tickets generally go on sale for AGA Members 4 weeks prior to the event for AGA Members. Public tickets are available about 2 weeks before the event.

How much are Refinery tickets?

Refinery tickets are $39 for AGA Members, 2 for 1 for Ultra Members and $45 for non-members.

How do I purchase my ticket?

You can purchase your ticket online, by phone: 780.392.2500 or at the Member and Guest Services desk at the Art Gallery of Alberta (#2 Sir Winston Churchill Square).

Do I get a tax receipt?

Tax receipts can not be given, because Refinery is not a fundraiser.

Can I refund my tickets?

Refinery tickets are non-refundable.

Can I give my ticket away to someone else?

Yes, you may give your ticket away to someone else to use.

Do I need a physical ticket to get in?

Only printed AGA tickets will be accepted. Please note, the email you receive after purchasing your tickets online is only a confirmation and receipt.

Are tickets available at the door?

Tickets are not available for purchase at the doors of the event.

Getting Ready

What do I need to bring to get in?

You will need your printed ticket(s) and government issued ID to enter.

Is there a coat check?

Coat check is provided in the winter months and costs $2 (cash only).

Can I bring a bag with me?

Small bags, such as purses, are allowed. Larger bags, such as backpacks, are not allowed and must be checked at coat check. All bags are subject to a bag check upon arrival.

Is there a dress code? Do I have to dress in theme?

Your AGA provides dress inspiration/ guidelines that correlates to each Refinery’s theme. You are encouraged to dress up, but will not be turned away based on your outfit.

Should I eat before arriving?

We provide appetizer-type food during the event. We do suggest to eat dinner before arriving!


What time do doors open?

Doors open at 9 pm.

Can I arrive late?

You may arrive at any time during the night. We suggest showing up earlier to ensure you are able to participate in all of the activities and take in all of the performances, exhibitions and installations.

How many people attend Refinery?

Approximately 750 people attend Refinery.

Are bags/ purses checked?

Purses or small bags are allowed in the event. Larger bags like backpacks must be checked at coat check. All bags are subject to a bag check upon arrival.

Do food and drinks cost money?

Food is complimentary. Drinks tickets can be purchased the night of the event.

Do I need cash?

Only cash is accepted for drink tickets and coat check.

Is there an ATM on site?

There is an ATM on site.

Will there be a line to see exhibitions or go on the terrace?

All of our spaces have a maximum capacity, and because of this, there may be line ups to get in to certain spaces. To ensure your safety and the protection of the art we must limit the capacity in each AGA space.

What is there to do at Refinery?

Each Refinery offers programming; including art making projects, themed installations, musical performances, exhibition access and more!

Is there music or dancing?

Each event features music, usually a DJ or live performances, that correlate to the specific Refinery theme. Dancing is always encouraged!

Are the exhibitions open?

Exhibitions are open until 1 am. We suggest showing up early to ensure you can see all of the current exhibitions.

Will there be a last call?

Last call is at 1 am.

After the party

Is there parking or transit near by?

The AGA does not have parking, but there are various parkades located around the square. You may also access the AGA via Churchill Station on the LRT.

Where can I get a cab?

You can call a cab to pick you up at your AGA or cabs can usually be found near The Westin, Jasper Avenue and the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald.

Is there a lost and found?

We have a lost and found bin for every Refinery. Please call 780.392.2500 if you have lost a belonging at Refinery.

What time does Refinery end?

Last call is at 1 am and the event ends at 2 am.