Art Gallery of Alberta

The Automatiste Refinery

June 23, 2012
9 pm – 2 am

Did you know Refinery is not an AGA fundraising event? Refinery is one of the unique ways the AGA connects people, art and ideas through music, interactive projects and performances. To help support quality programming at future Refinery parties, please make a donation in addition to your ticket purchase.

Featuring performances and projects by some of Alberta’s fiercest talent, this Refinery will have you marking up the walls with inspiration from the exhibition The Automatiste Revolution: Montreal 1941-1960.

Creative Director Statement

This instalment of Refinery will be a celebration of energetic abstract art-making. The night will feature specially commissioned works ranging from a sculptural installation to dynamic video projections. Guests will create their own personal masterpieces and add to collaborative abstract drawings. Through the impressive roster of participating artists, lively music and interactive art projects, I hope to create an electrically charged environment that captures the Automatiste spirit.

-Tim Rechner

Projects, Activities & Performances

The Automatiste Refinery will feature sculpture, painting and video projections by local artists Kyle Armstrong, aAron Munson, Craig Talbot and Chris Zaytsoff. Tim Rechner’s art will be installed in Manning Hall and in an exhibition produced by the Art Rental & Sales Gallery. Catch a 1950s short film on the Automatistes, and take part in collaborative art-making activities. Party through the night with music by local DJ Renard and two-person band, sKiN.


Tim Rechner, Creative Director
Originally from Red Deer, Alberta, abstract painter Tim Rechner has established a successful studio practice in Edmonton since 2001. Rechner began his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Red Deer College, and completed his studies in 2000 at the Nova Scotia College if Art and Design. He is an active resident of ArtsHab, has a private painting studio and is currently represented by the Front Gallery.

Kyle Armstrong

Kyle Armstrong is a Canadian filmmaker working predominantly in short format non-narrative film. Armstrong frequently makes use of hand-altering film techniques, using bleaches, dyes, scratches, paints and found footage. He has been working with Guy Maddin on Maddin’s Hauntings/Spiritisms project. Kyle is currently in post-production on an auroral imaging film to be scored by avant/pop musician and producer Jim O’Rourke (Sonic Youth, Wilco, Gastr Del Sol).


aAron Munson, Artist

aAron Munson is an independent experimental filmmaker who has created 22 short films since 2003. His works have been screened at various film festivals, galleries and multi-disciplinary events worldwide. Munson’s work aims to resonate within the layers of our world where we can find stillness.

Chris Zaytsoff, Artist